Guard tour dispatch center is one of the powerful features of Guardso guard tour system. Reason being it has been created to precisely direct the dispatchers to address urgent situations with unparalleled precision & efficiency. Not only it provides visibility and accountability but also improve incident response time to manage high client expectations.

But the real question is, how? How does Guardso’s real-time dispatch software address the needs of a guard tour dispatcher? How can they use it to minimize incident response time? Without much ado, let’s take a look at that.

1. Effortless Dispatch Ticket Creation

Guard tour dispatch center is an integral part of the Guardso guard tour system. It’s designed for the dispatchers not only to create dispatch tickets effortlessly but also to assign multiple calls to multiple guards quickly. Further prioritizing the calls ensures no important call is ever missed. Delays are notified to make sure every situation is addressed efficiently & incident response time minimized.

2. Ability To Effectively Manage Multiple Sites

The ability to multitask using Guardso guard tour system & its guard tour dispatch center is the perfect way to minimize incident response time. How? The dispatchers can manage multiple calls coming in from multiple sources all at once. All the data registered is automatically stored in an organized manner for future reference. Thus making it easier to share accurate dispatch call information with the entire team of professionals whenever required.

3. Real-Time On-Site Data

Lack of real-time on-site data is often the reason for delayed incident response. Which is why it becomes critical to know the exact details of the incident in real-time to ensure a guard is assigned to the right place at the right time. Once that’s done, the dispatchers can stay connected with the guard on ground zero. Using Guardso’s guard tracking system, they can track their every movement. The dispatchers can also view notes, audio, video, & image files sent by the guards in real-time.

Guardso Guard Tour System

4. Live Notes In Dispatch Tickets

Live notes within the dispatch ticket was a recent and very practical addition to the Guardso’s guard tour dispatch center. On a single page, it allows the dispatcher as well as the guard assigned to converse in real-time, share details and media files to take appropriate actions if required. Another great benefit it has to offer is that this way dispatchers get site-specific updates in one place without the need to go anywhere or do anything else. What more can one ask for?

5. Live Status Of Guards On-Site

Once the guard assigned has copied the dispatch call, the dispatcher can receive the live status of the guard on site. Using the guard tracking system integrated within every dispatch ticket, the dispatcher can view his live location on a map. The dispatcher is further notified in real-time if the guard is on the way or has arrived. This not only reduces incident response time but also helps to respond to emergencies more efficiently & effectively.

How are you going to make the most of Guardso guard tour dispatch center? Comment below to let us know.