Customer service is one of the most critical aspects of a security guard business. It plays a critical role in retaining clients to extract more value from them over time. By delivering not only outstanding security services but also top-notch customer services, you can recoup client acquisition costs and cultivate a loyal client base.

But often, in the process to grow the security guard business quickly, good customer service takes a back seat. And that’s how poor or no customer service at all starts impacting the overall profitability of the security guard business. So, given below is a list of ways bad customer service can put you out of business. Heads-up – none of it is good news.

Ruined Reputation

Even if you provide excellent security services but don’t offer good customer service, it’s the reputation of your security guard business that’s going to take a hit. There’s nothing worse than this because a dissatisfied client is going to talk to a lot of people. This can escalate the situation to a point where the reputation of your security guard business can be tarnished forever. It can become difficult, if not impossible, to repair the image.

Leads Won’t Convert

Just as a guard tour system with a mobile patrol app is vital to efficiently keep the security guard business running, new clients are crucial to keeping the security guard business growing. Correct, isn’t that? But when your customer service lacks high standards, the same prospects interested in your security services may prefer to stay away. Imagine being a client inquiring about service and never receiving a response. Will you ever return to that business? Probably not.

Guard Tour System

Clients Won’t Return

Having clients that can come back to you for more are the kind of clients you would want to have. They are the ones who will significantly increase the profits of your security guard business by buying from you more times. But that’s the case only if you offer both excellent security guard services and customer service. Rare are the clients who will stick around even after experiencing poor customer service. When they leave, along with them, not only will you lose the revenue but also the word-of-mouth that only satisfied or loyal clients can provide.

Profits Will Decrease

Losing existing clients simply means you lose sales. There can be various reasons for that. But you can change your strategies to get them back on board again, or you can try to attract new clients. But losing them as well as your prospects, altogether due to poor customer service can have a severe and long-lasting impact on the financial health of your security guard business. Further, a ruined reputation can make it worse.

Security Guards Leave

When profits begin to shrink, and the clients don’t return for more security guards services, security guards can begin to sense the problem with the business. On figuring out the actual problem, and not seeing any appropriate actions being taken to deal with it, even the good security guards will quit or start looking for other opportunities. This will eventually result in high employee turnover despite offering the best guard tour system or a mobile patrol app to do the job. Thus, further making it difficult to retain top-performing security guards.

The moral of this story is that don’t ever let customer service take a back seat in your security guard business. It can cost you your entire business.