Security guards need to understand their roles within a company so that they can conduct their work more effectively. As such, security guard companies should train their employees as to what to look for when they go out on security patrols. Below are some of the messages that every security guard should know concerning patrolling a site and making efficient use of their companies’ guard patrol system.

To use a Guard Patrol System, You need to Know How it Operates

Using a guard patrol system is fast becoming a norm in the security industry. Consequently, all security guards should be trained and taught how to use the system efficiently when they go on patrol. Only then will they be able to keep business premises safer.
Site Tours should occur at Regular Intervals

Anyone who has spent time in the security niche knows that the best way to conduct site tours is to conduct them at predetermined intervals. That way, each security guard on the site is kept accountable for his time and his patrol route.

Mobile Security Guards make for better Patrollers

With a guard tour system, security guards can check in at the required points without hitches and if there is one, the company overseeing the space will get a notification. By using a guard tour system, security guard companies can therefore also help ensure the safety of their guards.
Successful Tours cover all necessary ground
A patrol can only be successful if security guards cover the entire parameter at regular intervals and using routes that are safe for the guards and do not leave room for blind spots.

Site Tours can be productive times

Making sure no one trespasses onto the property might be the main point of site tours, but security officers can also make them productive by making them the periods to coordinate and promote teamwork among the security guards in a particular site.

In conclusion security guards should always be alert when conducting a site tour and best way to make sure that your security guard is active is utilize a security patrol system such as Guardso which makes sures that security guards remain active throughout their tours. With features like GPS location, in-app check ins/outs, detailed reportings Guardso is the right choice for any security guard company.