The security guard services industry is very competitive and crowded. Therefore, it is crucial you sell your security guard services as flawlessly as possible. One little mistake could send your private security patrol client running. However, these errors are avoidable and a security patrol system as that of Guardso will enable you to do that and save you a great deal.

So here is a list of mistakes you can avoid and how to overcome them when making a sales pitch to your private security patrol client:

Building A Defensive Wall

When pitching to a private security patrol client, it is only obvious that they will ask some questions that are intimidating to you. They may ask you, why your security guard company is more costly than others. When they ask such questions, do not retaliate or attack them. Instead, inquire as to why they think so & what companies they are referring to. This will allow you to explain how you offer better, reliable security guard services.

Speaking More Than You Listen

As you pitch your idea, remember your private security patrol client needs to put in his or her comments and queries. You need to hear out what your customer wants and understand how your security guard company can offer this to them. Over-pitching doesn’t give you points; it only makes the client feel like they have no say. Avoid this by asking them if they have any questions between ideas and giving them time to respond.

Not Following Up On Your Leads

Once you have completed your pitch and your private security patrol client has asked for time to think and decide, do not let them slip through your palms and right onto another security guard company’s palms. Remember that the competition is stiff. Follow up through phone calls or emails depending on the mode of communication provided.

Failing To Convey Your Company’s Strongholds

Do not just point out the things that your security guard company has in common with all the others. Your private security patrol client wants to hear all of the unique qualities that your business will offer them be it discounts, overtime services, or a specialized security patrol system.

Thinking Only From A Salesperson’s Perspective

You need to look at matters from two perspectives: that of the security guard company and private security patrol client. In the case of clients, begin with empathizing with them and get to know what they feel and want. This way, you will know how to convey your message while appealing to their needs.

How do you make a sales pitch to your private security patrol client? Tell us all about it in the comments below.