Working hard to grow your customer base, there’s nothing wrong with it. However, it is also crucial to remember the value behind customer retention and brand loyalty. The reason being it is one of the most difficult things to attain. Security guard companies often go above and beyond to treat their best the best. If you are looking for more powerful ways to create and keep up customer loyalty, consider implementing a few of these strategies.

Solve Their Biggest Problems

In order to solve the customer’s biggest problem, which is securing their people & property alike, security guard companies begin with understanding them and their unique security needs. However, before you start figuring out the kind of security guard services they require on their property, set the expectations right.

When you market your services, make promises to your customers that you can deliver. Create security programs that are detailed and customized to the unique security needs of their business. When that’s decided, using the Guardso invoicer effortlessly creates professional-looking estimates and on their approval convert them into invoices.

Communicate Transparently

If you want loyal customers, then you need to build and maintain transparency in communication with them. Customers are more likely to be loyal to a company when it is committed to transparency, both in communication and their values. Which is why security guard companies amid pandemic are investing in ways to ensure that and Guardso client portal is playing a crucial role in that.

Guardso client portal is designed to take the stress out of individually communicating on-site activities to the clients. With a secure login to the portal, the clients can access detailed incidents, site tours, and custom reports to stay updated on on-site performance on an easy-to-use interface. The custom user management provides them the ability to invite multiple users to the Guardso client portal and manage access on their end.

Provide Great Customer Services

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that the correlation between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is very strong. And customer satisfaction is further directly linked to the whole customer experience, which is a result of your security guard services. But there should also be no doubt about the fact that good customer service is a central element in this mix. 

The reason being customers remember when they’re treated well, and they also remember when they are treated poorly. Either way, they will tell their friends and family and spread the word around. And that can either mean more business for you or lost business opportunities. So, instead of offering discounts or referral bonuses, work on improving customer experience, delivering outstanding customer service to give them a reason to be loyal. 

Encourage Customer Feedback

Creating an on-going engagement is crucial for any business to thrive and especially in times of a pandemic. Too often, the only time customers hear from their security guard company is at renewal time. In order to create customers that are loyal, they should be encouraged to be more vocal about your security services. They should be asked for suggestions or feedback at regular intervals.

Customer reviews go hand-in-hand with customer loyalty. Good reviews will drive prospects to your security guard company, good services will connect prospects into customers, and satisfied customers will give good reviews. Customers appreciate it when companies know who they are and their appreciation will take your company far.

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