Among the numerous modules a security guard management software uses to improve your security services, a security guard tracking system is one of them. It helps the managers from a remote location to monitor security guard tours without getting distracted from their initial purpose of protecting client properties. Though, that’s not the only benefit a manager can draw from patrol monitoring system. To be aware of others, a manager must be well-versed with the features of this system.

The four main features that Guardso security guard tracking system has to offer to the security managers are:

  • Enhanced Field Of Visibility With Dynamic Maps

Managing a large team of security guards is quite a challenge in itself, especially while tracking them all. However, with the right security guard tracking system, it becomes a lot easier. GPS tracking combined with geofencing creates a win-win situation and an enhanced field of visibility.

Where GPS on real-time dynamic maps allow pinpointing every security guard on-job, at any given time. Geofencing, on the other hand, creates a virtual border around the location to keep the guards either inside or outside depending on the requirement of the client.

A manager, therefore, can easily analyze and interpret this dynamic map in comparison to reading time-consuming reports in real-time. This enables them to make decisions faster when responding to an incident report. A quick and efficient response capably works to mitigate an incident which might otherwise turn into a significant problem.

  • QR & NFC Tag Enabled Checkpoints

QR & NFC tags play a vital role in Guardso patrol monitoring system as well as in a security manager’s job profile. With the help of these tags security guard checkpoints for patrols are created. To generate them, it is the sole responsibility of every security manager. But, what do they do, and how are they generated? Is that what you’re wondering?

Well, QR & NFC tags are two different kinds where QR tags are more like barcodes, and NFC tags are more versatile in nature. Either of them, as per the requirement of the client can be used on-site. Every time a security guard scans them, real-time notification to the manager is sent assuring him the patrol assigned to the guard is being carried out as desired.

Generating these tags by the managers is a story for another time. Though, worry not because Guardso’s security guard tracking system has it all covered for you. All a manager will ever need to do is create a name for the tag, set the location and click print. That’s it!

  • The Life Saver Real-Time Notifications

Security guard tracking system using real-time notifications can be a real lifesaver for both managers and the guards. But, did you ever took a moment to wonder, what real-time meant in your security guard tracking system? Having real-time notification, however, means, managers, get the opportunity to quickly resolve issues that could pose a threat to the quality of service they offer or even the safety of the security guards.

Not only does real-time notifications help security managers, but they also provide peace of mind to the clients. Knowing whenever an incident occurs, a team of professional security guards guided by experienced managers will be there to take care of it. On any other day, real-time notifications from security guard checkpoints will be enough to know the patrol is being carried out appropriately.

The patrol monitoring system through this feature ensures that accountability issues, safety issues, incident reports, or any other important information don’t go unnoticed in the eyes of the manager. What way is your guard tour system making the job of your security manager a bit easier?

  • Access To Historical Location Of Security Guards

Having the ability to go back in time to see where your guards were, would be amazing, isn’t it? Now you do not need to wish for such a feature anymore, because Guardso has turned it into reality. The security guard tracking system doesn’t just display the real-time location of the security guards, but also store the collected data.

Doing so gives easy access to key pieces of information whenever and wherever desired by the manager. Guardso, in fact right on its PPO dashboard along with the GPS map gives the option to view the last location of the security guard.

This way, the data collected can be used by the manager to gain greater insight into guard activities. It can also be used to evaluate the security guard’s performance over time as well as identify the areas where the team can improve efficiency. While simultaneously it works in the background to improve client retention and satisfaction.

So, are you going to say yes the right security guard tracking system for your security managers? The choice will be all yours.