A security guard doesn’t like doing much work on the job. We all have been there, thinking this very thing, haven’t we? But, when you take a closer look that might not be the case. Security guards are assigned multiple tasks using a guard tour system that usually requires long working hours. It may become a monotonous routine after a while, but every single patrol is as important as the previous one.

So, eventually, it becomes the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure every security guard’s effectiveness and efficiency. But, how, and that too using a guard tour system? Given below are 3 different ways a guard tour system acknowledges whether your security guards are working or not?

1. Smartly Monitor Your Security Guards In Real-Time

Nowadays, it is mainstream to use a patrol monitoring system to monitor security guard. Technologies like GPS tracking and geofencing are being employed to not only track the security guards but also to ensure their safety. It’s also one of the simplest & instant ways to know if the guards on-site are on the move or not?

Guardso’s patrol monitoring system works meticulously by identifying every single guard on-site and pinpointing them on a GPS map. But, this information alone might not be enough to know if the guards are working or not.

This is where Guardso guard tour system lets things get a bit more interesting. Apart from the post site of the client, where the guard is currently working, his last location, the speed at which the guard is moving, and even the battery status of his smartphone are made available. And, problem solved!

2. Security Guard Reports Are The Key Elements

Reporting is an integral part of every security guard’s job. Without a guard tour reporting software incorporated within a guard tour system, this aspect of the process cannot be fathomed. But, what matters the most after receiving the reports are, how often do you bother to read them with a critical eye? Because merely observing them won’t be of much help in any case.

Once you begin reading the reports instead of observing, here are a few things you’ll need to pay attention to. These little details will also allow you to understand with how much accuracy your guard has been working or probably not at all?

  • Guardso guard tour system offers a variety of reports to choose from. First of all look for the types of reports regularly being sent by the guards. Having a type of report repeated every time unless clearly stated in the post orders is something to look out for.
  • Next thing to identify is, how detailed these reports are? A security guard working through every task assigned to him will definitely have a lot to tell in the report than otherwise.
  • Guardo’s security guard reporting software supports attaching photos and videos in the reports. When specifically asked for, are they present in the report? If not, check for such repeated patterns, as this might be a one time error or not.

Taking a close look at your security guard reports can be insightful. But, to make sure that your security guard’s daily activity reports meet the industry standard is equivalently important.

3. QR-NFC Tag Evaluation On Every Step

QR & NFC tags play an essential role while creating checkpoints for security patrols. These checkpoints are what provide peace of mind to the clients by ensuring every significant part of their property will be covered. Even better, on scanning these tags real-time notifications will be sent to the management ensuring, the guard on-site is doing the work assigned to him.

In fact, every time a tag is scanned using a mobile patrol app, the event is time-stamped and geotagged with a satellite photo at the place it happened. Therefore, the real-time feature of the guard tour system makes every security guard accountable for everything they do on-site. Hence, joining the list of the best way to ensure that security guards are working on-site.

With these features of a guard tour system, be thrilled to have a more accountable team of security guards.