Let us take a moment to think about how we struggle with so many dispatch calls pouring in a guard tour dispatch center. It is tedious not only to make sure that you respond to all of them but also to check that they are registered, assigned to guards and the status is updated.

Now, what if I say Guardso Dispatch Center can take all this chaos away and put in place a system that lets you centralize and connect your entire security team on a single platform. On the face value, this might sound hard to believe, but it is truly possible.  

Before we hop to the next part, let us briefly look at the problems that the guard and guard tour dispatch center face:

1. Uncoordinated Responses:
Self-dispatching is the process when officers respond to an incident without having been directed to do so by the guard tour dispatch center.
As per FEMA, NIMS resource manual, “The use of self-dispatched resources is highly discouraged.”
Usually, public safety agencies and security guards lack sufficient experience in working together to effectively collaborate during a stressful incident, and the risks of uncoordinated forces engaging in an incident together are serious.

2. Lack Of Real-time Data:
It is critical to know the exact details of incidents as they take place on site so as to ensure that the guards may be summoned to the right place on time. In the absence of a guard tour patrol system and a security guard mobile app, the data available is not real-time and is a prime cause of delayed responses.

3. Untrackable Guards On The Site:
Even after the dispatch call has been assigned to the guard on site, how can the dispatcher confirm the status of the calls without a security guard mobile app? It is far more complicated and tiring than it seems, and resorting to phone calls is certainly not the solution.

4. Mismanagement Of Data:
As the number of clients and the concerned client sites increases it gets difficult to keep the data organized and retrieve it when needed. Managing data not only means storing all data but also making sure that the status of every dispatch call is updated and this data is readily accessible.
Also, data properly registered in the guard tour dispatch center using the guard tour patrol system acts as a foundation of analyzing the sensitivity levels of the client sites and identifying the incidents that the specific sites are most vulnerable to.  

5. Delayed Response Time:
In a crisis, delay of a second can be fatal. If the dispatch center or the guards struggle to exchange vital information in time, any delay can tarnish the credibility of your private patrol company when it comes to handling emergencies.

Guardso understands that dispatch calls mean emergency and there is no time to waste. It is designed to save you from everyday struggles and allows you to seamlessly manage your guard tour dispatch center.

It helps you to quickly respond to emergency calls coming in from multiple sources, register them on a unified platform and get live call status from the guards on the dispatch calls using the security guard mobile app so that you can share important data across your entire teams of professionals.

Let us look at how you can make the best use of the module:

  1. Viewing Dispatch Call Details
    Guardso helps you register important information right within the guard tour patrol system and access. The PPO Dashboard allows you an overview of the dispatch calls.
      • To view a detailed list of all, open, and closed dispatch tickets, select Dispatch option from the main menu. On the same page click on Action button and select View Details option.

      • You get the detailed view of the Dispatch tickets including status, time, post site details and more.

2. How to edit dispatch call?

      • On Dispatch tab, click on Action button and select Edit.

      • On the next screen that pops up, you can edit the details of the particular dispatch call and add internal notes as well.

3. Closing or reopening dispatch calls

      • From the main menu select Dispatch tab and clock on the Action button of the particular dispatch ticket to change the status to open or close.

Instating a dispatch center is not enough, you need to ensure that you make the best of the system. To manage the dispatch calls efficiently and be able to respond faster to the reported incidents, you need to ensure that the guards and the dispatcher are adequately equipped to protect the client sites.

With the improved communication and credibility offered by Guardso Dispatch Center, you will be able to establish a more effective dispatch mechanism and deliver world-class value to your clients.