Performance reviews irrespective of the size of an organization are said to be one of the most essential communication tools. It’s beneficial not only for the employees but also the employer to recognize quality performance as well as to set expectations for future job performance. In such scenarios, a security patrol system plays a vital role in making all the relevant information available round the clock.

The problem arises when security guards instead of anticipating the process begin to fear it. If you’re wondering why, it’s because of the prevalent performance review myths often believed to be true.

3 Common Performance Review Myths:

1. Evaluators Focus Only On The Negatives

Performance reviews hold the perception of only focusing on what an employee is doing wrong. So, how can a security guard or any other employee not assume the worst? On the contrary, a more balanced approach, equally stressing the positives as much as the negatives work miracles.

However, if performance reviews were solely about how wonderful the employees were, then how would they learn, progress, & reach their full potential? The roles and responsibilities of security guards are such that evaluators have to focus on negatives too. A security patrol system through its guard tour reporting features ensures all the relevant information is available to provide the right reviews.

2. Performance Reviews Are A Waste Of Time

In reality, a performance review is a perfect way of having a conversation about your job and how it relates to the goals of your company. A good performance review often includes it so that the reviews can easily be calibrated against expectations to learn how to improve your overall performance in the long run.

Security guards can further help themselves, evaluating their own progress based on the information available to them on their mobile patrol app on a daily basis. Doing so can help you stay prepared at the time of performance review with your own suggestions for specific benchmarks for improvement.

3. Your Performance Review Don’t Drive Your Pay Or Promotion

Holding back increments of the best performers and over-rewarding the slackers, it makes no sense. Or, does it? Performance reviews are a handy tool when used with an appropriate security patrol system can figure out which employee is meeting or exceeding expectations. Is he ready to assume a greater share of responsibility within the company or not?  

Thus, it provides a transparent and fair system in an organization for every employee to grow and accomplish greater things.

Why You Should Not Fear Performance Reviews?
Performance reviews are essential for every organization irrespective of their size. After all, it plays an integral role in the open line of communication between the manager and employee. But, apart from that why is it so important in the security industry, let’s take a look.

  1. Expectations Can Be Communicated

When new employees join an organization, what is expected out of them is often clearly communicated during onboarding. But, the companies very well understand how that one-time communication is never enough. Performance evaluations provide them the means to ensure employees always have a clear goal in their mind. Else, they might get into a position where they may not be able to correct the guards.

2. Provides Insight Into The Type Of Work Being Done

A security patrol system with the help of its guard tour reporting software gathers all the reports sent in by guards through their mobile patrol app. It’s the ultimate way to get insight into the type of work being done on-site without much hassle. Performance evaluations utilize all that information concluding every individual’s performance in the organization. This highlights the strengths, weakness, and the needs of the security guards. Ensuring the right steps are taken to empower them.

3. Creates The Basis For Compensation And Employee Promotion

Compensation and employee promotions can be tricky, and there’s no doubt about that. Employees always expect to know in extreme details why their co-worker might have something different? Isn’t that correct? Therefore, implementing annual rewards through performance reviews makes the whole process a lot easier for the employers. What makes the process fair & transparent is utilizing the data from security patrol system of every individual sent by them through their mobile app.

Work environments can be quite a stressful place. The last thing one would want is to worry about his performance reviews. And, you should not. It’s there to let you know where you stand and to help you enhance your abilities to make progress on your career paths.