Creating paper-based invoices or on excel has always been time-consuming and prone to mistakes. Finding an efficient way to generate accurate and professional invoices that also keep track of the payments can help scale your business and improve your bottom line. In that case, GuardsPro invoice management software is the way to go.

This online invoice management software saves all client information on the cloud. All you have to do is log into your account, select the client you want to invoice, select the due date, save, and send it to the client. GuardsPro guard tour system’s invoicer is not only designed to speed up the entire payment process but also is incredibly user-friendly. 

Why Utilize GuardsPro Invoice Management Software?

There are numerous benefits of  using Guardspro invoicer. to find out more, keep reading below.

Automate The Invoicing Process

One of the greatest benefits of using GuardsPro invoice management software is automation. It’s specifically designed to help security guard companies cut extra efforts often made to do repetitive tasks. With GuardsPro, you can effortlessly convert estimates into invoices and save tons of time to focus on growing your business.

Deliver Invoices InstantlyInvoice

Another great advantage of online invoice management software is that it enables you to prepare and deliver invoices to your respective clients within minutes. Meaning that this environmentally friendly option eliminates the wait time since the invoices never get delayed or lost in the mail. And that way, you get paid faster. 

Track Every Invoice Easily

GuardsPro online invoice management software is designed to take away the guesswork out of the process. GuardsPro tracks the invoice from the moment it’s sent to the client. The status of the invoice is automatically updated the moment a client opens the invoice and when it’s paid. Using the same invoicer, you can instantly send payment reminders to the clients when the deadline approaches.

High-Security Invoicer Module

Have you ever lost a paper invoice? It is one of the most common issues faced by not just security guard companies dependent on the traditional methods to invoice but also every other business. GuardsPro invoice management software thus helps you keep all your invoices safe and secure on the cloud in compliance with GDPR, so you never loose important client information and their invoices per again.

Multiple Currencies Available

GuardsPro security guard management system is a digital solution built for security guard companies around the world. Therefore, GuardsPro invoice management software allows you to select your preferred currency. Further, making entering the global marketplace much more convenient.

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Manage Invoices From Anywhere

Having an invoice management system on the cloud gives you the ability to manage all client information and invoicing from one application. With GuardsPro guard tour system, you can use any system and go anywhere and turn that place into your office. Using it, you can send and among your invoices 24/7, and rest assured of never losing any data in the process.

Reduce Disputes And Errors

Processes that are done by humans are more likely to be prone to errors. When it comes to invoicing, processing an incorrect invoice or sending the wrong one to the client can’t just happen. That delays the payment process. Online invoice management software helps prevent such errors by automatically calculating your invoice total directly from the timesheets, making the process faster. Any error, if ever made, can be immediately rectified and resent.

Enhance Customer Relationship

When you have invoice management software that enables accurate billings, lets you select your preferred currency of payment method, offers a professional appearance and a positive brand reinforcement, it is bound to help you strengthen the relationship you have with your clients. And that in turn only encourages them to pay the invoice on time, help generate repeat customers and word-of-referrals.

Highly Cost-Effective Solution

Time is the most valuable asset. And when you factor in the time required to create, send, and process paper invoices, it takes a lot. That doesn’t include the human resources required to do that and the cost associated with paper, ink, postage, and storage. With GuardsPro’s online invoice management software, you don’t need to worry about any of this anymore. It eliminates these costs and reduces the cost of invoicing significantly.

Helps Keep Invoices Professional 

Finally, GuardsPro invoice management software will give your security guard company a more professional look and feel. With its perfectly curated invoices, it communicates a modern company image. Though this may not seem like a huge thing, eventually, it’s the little details that always matter.

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