Guardso#1 security patrol software company becuase you can use guardso app easily and cost effective.

Gone are the days when security guard companies relied solely on phone calls and paperwork to run their operations. As the world went digital, so did the security guard experts. But with all the security patrol systems in the market, what makes Guardso stand out? Before getting into that, first look at what Guardso actually does.

Guardso is a service provider for security guard companies. It operates an online mobile platform that allows these firms to communicate with and monitor their guards. Here is how it works. The company gets the software and sets up a dashboard. The guards then download the mobile app (from the Google Play or Apple stores). Security guards start sending in their reports via the app, and the firms monitor them remotely. Enough of that now. Let’s get down to what makes Guardso such a good security patrol software company.

#1 The app is very easy to use

When you get Guardso for your company, you enroll for some of the best quality security services. The Guardso app is convenient for use by your security guards. All they have to do is download the app and sign up for the service. They can then submit their daily activity reports (DARs) and images through the app. When you need them to check in you just generate a QR code, and they scan it.

#2 Guardso is cost-effective

Anyone who owns a security patrol software company  knows how much work and money goes into running one. You have to be on top of your game with your guards to avoid any liability suits. That’s when you’re not making cards to advertise your business or training your personnel. Guardso makes it easier to do all that at an affordable rate. When you subscribe to the service, your guards receive some training through manuals and quizzes. Training protects against liabilities and increases guard effectiveness. Having the service is also a good inducement for customers.

#3 It makes your guards more productive

Your security guards are more likely to work harder when you keep an eye on them. Guardso allows you to do that. Guardso also saves time by allowing guards to submit their DARs online instead of writing manual reports. It also makes it convenient for guards to file instant incident reports. The time saved by filing these reports online can be put to better use by guards thereby increasing their productivity.

#4 It makes being accountable routine

Guards have to check in with the app, therefore, you always know where each of them is assigned. That way, you can hold each employee accountable when something goes wrong at a site. Hourly DARs make every guard account for his or her post. Finally, if many of your security guards are on site, they can communicate and ensure each is doing what he is supposed to.

#5 It keeps the customers around

When your guards are more accountable and productive, the customer is satisfied. That translates to more business for your security company. And a satisfied security company is a satisfied Guardso user.