Work plays a vital role in everybody’s life and there is no doubt about it. But, how it is balanced with personal life is of greater importance. Won’t you agree with us on that? Which is why today we’d like to talk to you about how Guardso security guard scheduler combined with the security patrol app for guards is designed to ensure guards can maintain a better work-life balance. They can: 

  • Pick & Choose Open Shifts

An open shift is a great security guard scheduler feature that can be used to reduce understaffed shifts, so the demands of the clients can be easily met. This feature simply empowers the guards to take ownership of choosing when they can work. 

Also, if smartly used with the Guardso skill set, it can make the guards feel their skills are being fairly used. And that’s the first step you can take using Guardso guard tour system to help them maintain a better work-life balance. 

  • Confirm Shifts In Advance

Shift confirmation is a great modern tool, built-in Guardso guard tour system to significantly improve accuracy & transparency. The moment shifts are confirmed, the managers can instantly be notified in real-time. Thus, giving them the confidence that the guards will be at the client site when required.

As for the guards, providing them the ability to confirm shifts can help them make important decisions based on their work-life priorities, that a manager might not be aware of to maintain a better balance of both for them.

  • Request Swap Shift From The App

Guardso guard tour system equipped with a powerful security guard scheduler provides an efficient way to ensure schedules are followed through & commitments to the clients are fulfilled. The swap shift feature allows doing that without interrupting the workflow.

This feature gives security guards the freedom to easily & effectively exchange shifts with other guards. This not only ensures adequate coverage, but also saves the managers’ time, reduces labor costs, & improves productivity.

  • Request Time Off & View Status

Time off is often connected directly to the quality of life and freedom to maintain a healthy personal life away from work when the need arises. Therefore, it is important to give security guards the opportunity & the tools to request time off and view the status easily.

In the case of the Guardso guard tour system, all they need is a security patrol app to request time off from anywhere. In case of an emergency, they need not rush to the office but just apply for the leave online, so the managers can receive and manage those requests in a timely & effective manner.

Guard Tour System

How Guardso Security Patrol App Plays A Vital Role?

In addition to the security guard scheduler, the Guardso security patrol app plays a vital role to ensure the guards can take steps to maintain a better work-life balance, keep their morale high as well as reduce the security officer turnover rate.

The easy-to-use security patrol app comes equipped with the security guard scheduler features, that they can easily access right on their smartphones. From viewing their schedules, picking & choosing the shift they want to work, confirming shifts, and requesting time off can all be done from the app. 

The Guardso security patrol app ensures the guards have access to vital features on the go. So, empower them not only to accomplish & be more productive & proactive using the app on the client site but also to maintain a better work-life balance altogether.