If you are a private patrol company, you are not unaware of the utility of a security patrol monitoring system. Aren’t you? Contrary to the tedious documentation practices in the past, today, the security guard management software has emerged as an aid to streamline and simplify the operations of the security guard companies.

While on a quest for the best guard tour mobile app, you must have investigated enough to get into the intricate details, but there are a few points that are easily missed. You may find it hard to believe, but here is a list of facts about security patrol monitoring system that is true:

1. Aids In Controlling And Reducing Overtime

One of the key elements of a sound financial policy is strong control over the costs, and overtime is one of these. Paying a security guard for the extra work done is not questionable, but your financial statements are going to take a hit if site patrols are blown off the schedule.

An efficient security patrol monitoring system encourages the guards to execute scheduled patrols on time, and guard tour mobile app helps you confirm the same. You can communicate schedules and changes therein in real-time to make sure daily deadlines are met with utmost productivity levels, saving you from paying for unnecessary overtime.

2. Enables Policy Enforcement

How many times has it happened that security guards on-site are unaware of the contents of your official policy, which results in non-compliance? With a security patrol monitoring system, you can ensure compliance by sharing your company policies with your security guards. This makes sure that your security guards have access to accurate information when they need it the most.

3. Ensures Budgetary Control

How can a security patrol monitoring system help in budgetary control? I guess that is what you are wondering. Remuneration of the security team takes a major part of your payments. We talked earlier about how you can control overtime. In addition to this, Guardso helps you manage the security force’s work and break time to let you have a clearer picture of what you are paying for through its payroll feature.

Also, guard tour reporting module ensures that the documentation is more detailed and accurate. This saves you from unnecessary legal expenses that may arise from the mismanagement of data or omission of critical data when managing data manually.

4. Effective Incident Response Platform

In addition to writing perfect security guard incident reports every time, it goes without saying that you understand how important response time is in case of any on-site incident. You cannot wait for the end of the day to analyze and respond to them. When we talk about effectiveness in incident response, we talk about real-time security patrol monitoring system like Guardso that allows you to stay updated with the on-site movements as they take place. This makes sure incident response time is minimized, and resources may be summoned to the specific site when needed.


5. Shield Against Cyber Crime

It may be ironic, but even though you are in the security industry, your data may be at risk of cybercrime. A security patrol monitoring system that uses the highest safety standards guarantees the confidentiality and safety of your vital data. Guardso uses 256-bit encryption with a secure layer to protect your data and can be accessed on multiple devices only through authorized logins.

6. Dynamic Mapping

Guardso’s GPS tracking feature displays the locations of security guards connected through their guard tour mobile app. This is central to the idea of the dynamic tracking system. What it does is makes it much easier to analyze and interpret location-mapping. This subsequently enables faster decision-making and least response time when assigning dispatch tickets or responding to an incident report.

7. Supports Advanced Reporting

Take a minute to think about how does your security team report the daily activities. Even if they do not do it manually, are they detailed enough to give you insightful information? Guardso’s advanced guard tour reporting module is created to get an accurate view of events on the go. You can incorporate the best reporting procedures by viewing reports such as DARs, incident reports, site tour reports, task reports, dispatch call log, pass-down logs, and much more. Also, you can easily share reports by exporting them in multiple formats.

8. Detailed Documentation For Audits

Often at the time of annual audits, it gets chaotic to pull out the data for a whole year when you have to handle a huge amount of data daily. A security patrol monitoring system does the work for you here. It allows you to manage data that includes client profiles and post sites, guard details and licenses, site patrol reports in a consolidated form on a single platform. This data can be pulled out for a custom period to aid audit requirement without the need to re-arrange the same time and again.

Apart from the basic features and benefits, security patrol monitoring system is built to influence and improve every aspect of your business. If you are a private patrol firm or a security guard, it is made for everyone.