The trick of getting the work done is to make it as simple as possible. If your security guard has to carry multiple devices to the site for attendance, time clock, GPS, schedules differently, it is cumbersome for him and you too have to chase down employee time sheets every week and then spend more time checking their accuracy. The simpler way is to pick up a guard tour management system with integrated security guard time clock.

Because the guards work at sites, there is no actual way of keeping a check on them. The same app you use to post site schedules can be used as clocking system for security guards so as to ensure the execution of the tasks.

Let us dig in know what a security guard time clock can do for you:

Human Error In Calculating Employee Hours Is Removed:

By reducing the need to manually enter the data, the chances of any mistake is reduced.
Also, there may be cases when a mistake is made but is not easily caught during human evaluation, which may be costly for the business sometimes.

Reduces Fraud By Automating Data Collection And Calculations:

By ensuring that only the designated security officer can clock-in makes security guard time clock more dependable. The guards can only clock-in when they are actually on site. The security guard can no more ask a fellow guard to punch in attendance when he is running late. The guard tour management system automatically calculates the hours worked and the sites visited.

Time Clocks Are Fairer  And Thus Helpful For Morale:

By eliminating any chances of a fraudulent act by a security guard, all employees are motivated to perform their share of the duties. Also, the efforts of the top performers do not go unnoticed, helping the security manager to recognize and appreciate them, pumping up the others to improve. Putting a clocking system for security guards into use boosts the morale of the employees.

Guardso Guard Tour System

Security Guard Time Clock Alerts You To Attendance Issues:

Without any glitch, you know when the security guard was on duty and for how long. Absenteeism is automatically registered. You need not run after the security guards to collect time sheets and then manually do all the calculations.

Security Guard Time Clock Keeps Payroll Accurate:

Reduced absenteeism and improved method of updating attendance help your payroll be updated without any errors. You save accounting and auditing expenses. Also, rewarding the efficient employees gets possible as you can be sure that the data is free from any fraud and bias.

Employing a guard tour management system like Guardso allows you to shift the burden to technology and ensure peace of mind to you and your security guards. It combines ease and accuracy into one