Optimizing the website of your security guard company to generate leads is no big deal. What is, is figuring out the problem why the website that has been up for a while isn’t generating leads in the first place. There could be several reasons – an outdated website, missing landing pages, no call to action, and so many more. If you’re trying to figure out what those reasons are, here’s everything you need to know. Let’s dig deeper.

Poor & Insufficient Content

Truth be told, you’ll have only a few seconds to convert your site visitors into customers and even less time to make a good first impression. If your website content doesn’t resonate with them, they won’t feel like it was targeted to them. Further, the impression made by vague details and poor grammar will only make it worse. 

Don’t let poorly written content drive away your valuable leads. When describing your security guard services, talk about it as a solution to the problems prospects are facing. Mirror your market’s tone & style, and try to be as casual or as technical as they are.

Not Answering Objectives

One of the most important questions every security guard company must answer to generate leads is, why should your prospect spend their hard-earned money on your security guard services instead of your competitors? Often, most of the security guard company websites fail to answer this question. Instead, they are so focused on telling their prospects why they need their services and what they’ll do for them. Don’t waste space on your webpage saying the same thing your competitors are saying.

Don’t Have A Blog

Do you know that blog is one of the best ways to improve your website’s ranking on Google? By offering valuable, high-quality content on your blog, you can easily boost your organic leads. Not only that but also the traffic generated from there are qualified leads, genuinely interested in your security guard services. But the power of blogs is highly underestimated and largely misunderstood. Blogs are assumed to only provide frequently updated content, which can also be used to share across all channels for greater coverage.

Lack Social Media Presence

The beauty of social media is that people can follow exactly who they like and what they like. Which is why it works so well for businesses and also because they can speak directly to a highly specific audience. So, if you are a security guard company operating without social media presence, don’t be absurd. Being on social media will enable you to generate leads that are the strongest. Don’t just be there to promote yourself, listen & help visitors in their first moments on your site before they go elsewhere.

Security Guard Services

No Simple Way To Reach You

The first thing a prospect looks for after going through a website is ways to contact the company. If there is no email for support questions, no phone numbers to get info on a call, or no chat for questions they have while browsing, mark our words, they will go to another security guard company’s website where someone will help them. So make your contact information readily available and visible. 

Cut down the contact us form to bare necessities to collect only the most important information. Ask for more information after you’ve made a connection & built trust with an introductory phone call or email. Just remember, if prospects can’t reach you, they can’t hire your security guard services too.  

Your Website Can’t Be Trusted

Not all websites are trustworthy & secure. Unsafe websites can spread malware, steal information, send spam, & more. This is why the major pages of your website must have clear indicators that you can be trusted. Many security guard company websites don’t. And that results in potential clients that don’t trust them and won’t definitely hire their services. Use trust badges, testimonials, reviews, or other indicators that your security guard company knows what it is doing to earn the trust of the potential clients and convince them to follow through. 

Ignoring Performance Metrics

One of the biggest reasons why your security guard company isn’t getting leads from your website is either you are not tracking your website activity or you are simply not reviewing your results. For that, install Google Analytics on your website. It will not only provide detailed insight into site user behaviors, interests, & actions but also seamlessly spotlight problematic areas that need resolution & identify opportunities. Fine-tune your efforts using this practical and reliable approach.

Website Is Not Being Tested

A robust testing process is a key to taking your website from just okay to a lead generating machine. However, the problem with it is that business owners do not pay enough attention to this vital step. And we cannot stress this part of the process enough. Methods such as A/B testing are highly effective and have known to increase click-through rates. 

Sticking to what you are comfortable with will diminish returns over time. Run experiments on your ideas in a structured way, so you can come to a conclusion about what works and what doesn’t. Ensure you keep your website updated with changing technology in the long run.

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