Client web portal for long has changed the way businesses served their clients while increasing productivity for their teams. Today, the security guard industry too is benefiting from this piece of essential technology to increase client satisfaction and improve communication. GuardsPro Client Web Portal is one such web portal available 24/7 and built with the promise to deliver more than automating the process of sharing guard tour reports with the clients in real-time.

Using the GuardsPro Client Web Portal, the clients can view the security guards scheduled on their post site and the post orders shared with them to execute. What makes GuardsPro Client Web Portal perfect is the ability that it offers the clients to request special coverage on their site without any hassle.

There is more to GuardsPro Client Web Portal when it comes to exploring what makes it perfect. Let’s explore it:

Guard Tour System

GuardsPro Client Web Portal comes as a part of the GuardsPro guard tour system. If your clients need access to their post-site data 24/7, GuardsPro’s Client Web Portal is all you need to provide them secure access to real-time data.

To know more about GuardsPro guard tour system and its Client Portal, visit us at To give it a try, head to our registration page and sign up for 30 days risk-free trial now: