Customers are the core of every security guard business. Correct, isn’t it? Which is why extra measures should be taken to ensure they receive quality security services for which they are willing to pay for hefty. Therefore, they should always be your top priority.

Happy customers build credibility who are more likely to recommend services. If you want them to like you, you will need to deliver the best customer experience. To make that possible, you will need to set your customer service standards high.

So, before we look into what strategies you need to incorporate to enhance your customer service standards, let’s briefly take a look at what actually customer service standards mean.

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What Are Customer Service Standards?

Customer service standards are often referred to as a set of company rules or guidelines created to inform and shape the customer’s relationship with the business throughout the customer experience.

A lot of security guard companies are already adhering to certain customer services standards, but they are the minimum standards to operate in, which are just keeping customers from complaining. Well, incorporating strong customer service standards can help your security guard company retain more loyal customers and increase profits significantly.

You got to do more than the bare minimum!

Customer Services Strategies:

1. Build A Stronger Customer Service Team

Improving your customer service standards unquestionably have to begin with building a better & stronger customer service team. To do that there is no better way than to hire employees with the right skills to deal with different types of customers effectively. Some of these skills are as follows:

  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Empathy, patience, & problem-solving skills.
  • Listening & time management skills.
  • Desire to learn new things quickly.
  • A willingness to go the extra mile and more.

2. Empower Your Sales Representatives With Right Tools

Empowered sales representatives are the ones responsible for implementing highly effective customer services standards. In order to do that, they need to reach their full potential, which can be done by providing the right training, the right tools, and the ultimate decision making power to resolve customer issues quickly and satisfactorily.

With these three factors in play, your sales representatives are sure to feel more invested in their customers’ success. However, do ensure you track the performance of your customer service team regularly. Don’t just ask your customers about your security services, but also ask about their experience dealing with the customer services team.

3. Offer Customer Services Across Multiple Channels

Today, the customers have the resources and multiple devices to always stay connected to a world full of opportunities. And that in itself is a great chance for every security guard company out there like yours to connect with the customers through modern ways.

All you need to do is make sure that you provide an experience that is consistent and feels the same way across multiple channels. Yes, that includes offline mediums too. Accordingly, build your customer service standards to deliver on their expectations.

4. Ensure Personalisation In Customer Engagement Strategy

Customer experience should also be all about personalization. This may sound too obvious, but the real question is how often is it implemented? And that’s where the problem lies. Using a security guard management system like Guardso can be in fact enough to ensure personalization in customer engagement strategy. How?

The client profiles of Guardso security guard management system include every basic detail of the clients along with their post-sites. It also allows adding & updating additional notes & files that can provide you all the data required to personalize the experience for customers. And yes it will be helpful in going well beyond calling the customers by their first name. This process will add more value and will be far more effective while building strong brand relationships.


5. Seek Customer Feedback To Understand Their Needs

To provide excellent customer services & to enhance your customer service standards, you will first of all need to understand the needs of your customers. Seeking feedback through telephone surveys or even via emails can just do the trick. Not only will it allow you to know the truth about your security services, but also gain real insight into what you’re doing right, and the areas that require your immediate attention.

Customers want to feel valued. They want you to hear them out to resolve their issues, and doing this will be a big step forward to enhance your customer service standards.

6. Boost Customers To Help Themselves If Needed

Customers want instant resolution and customer services that are faster and more convenient. In that case what can be faster & more convenient than self-service? Probably nothing, because truth be told everyone gives it a try before contacting the customer support.

It’s one of the reasons why we have an article rich help center for Guardso security guard management system. As for your clients, Guardso guard tour client portal is one fine example that’ll allow them to access security guard reports without needing to contact you.

7. Be available To Your Customers Around The Clock

Not being available to your customers when they need you the most increases the risk of losing them to your competitors. Which is why sometimes being available 24/7 at a moment’s notice can turn into one of the best ways to start improving your customer service standards.

You won’t even need a dedicated agent to accomplish it. One simple & cost-effective way to implement it is by using chatbots that intelligently resolve customer queries in real-time and create better customer experience while supporting sales conversions.

So, are you ready to set your customer service standards high?