Security guard management is much easier to do when you have a security guard tour system. It’s not that the systems do all the work that your security guards are supposed to. They don’t patrol sites or direct customers or ensure that no one breaks into a client’s offices in the middle of the night. On the contrary, a guardso security guard tour system will simply complement the work of security officers. They ensure that your guards can do their jobs without any hassles. So, what makes having a security guard tour system a much better option compared the filing paperwork? Is it worth the upgrade to get one? Let’s see.

Why upgrading your security guard system is a Good Idea

  1.      It makes Security Guard Management Easier

With these systems, you can say bye-bye to the days of realizing too late that an officer missed a patrol or worrying that he is not honest about his location. You have the power to pinpoint locations and ensure patrols are carried out with a security guard tour system, which makes security guard management that much easier.

  1.      Guard Tour Systems are Efficient

Instead of relying on unreliable radio communication to manage your security team, all you have to do is generate and receive QR codes, barcodes or RFID from them to know where they are and what they’re doing. It’s more efficient than filing papers or talking over the radio.

  1.      They keep your Guards Accountable

Security guard tour systems don’t just show where guards are at a particular time; they keep records of their locations and patrol files. Paper files can be misplaced or go unfiled, but these systems ensure that you can always hold your guards accountable with ever-present records. You can call them out when they miss a checkpoint or patrol interval. Conclusively, you can improve your services by correcting negligent guards’ behavior.

How Security Guard Management Pays for itself?

The world of security providers has become increasingly competitive over the past few years. In today’s society, efficiency is the most important part of your security services. Guard management systems have been designed to make services for owners, supervisors, guards, and clients as smooth as possible. As a security company, you might be considering getting a guard management system, but you’re hesitating due to their costs. Here are several ways that the security management system pays for itself.

It Saves Labor Costs.

For security company owners, the security guard software is a great way to save costs. It eliminates the need for you to go to the office and stay there the whole day. While working from home, you can post orders, receive reports and streamline operations in the company. It also improves the efficiency of the small number of employees that you have thereby the reduced necessity of having many people working for you.

It Improves Guards Performances

This security patrol solution enables you to track the activity of your guards at all times. You can be able to see whether guards are following their postings, whether they’re filing reports at the right time and note which guard is not sticking to the stipulated regulations.

Improves Customer Services

One of the important advantages of the security guard app is that enables your clients to play a more active role in their security management. Your clients can see whether guards are patrolling their property, see reports online as soon as they’re sent and access invoices weekly or monthly. This gives the client confidence that they’re working with a professional company and that their property and human assets are safe.

Reduces Paperwork Processes

Another significant advantage of the security guard software is that it automates almost every transaction. Reports from guards to supervisors and finally to the clients are sent through their dashboard. These reports feature audio, video and photographs to augment the clarity of the information being passed across. Invoices from the company to the clients are also sent online reducing the cumbersome nature of paper documents.

The efficiency created by the security guard software makes it easy to manage your company. In this way, you get to save much more time and money.