Putting together a security guard’s schedule and totaling up the hours for payroll is among one of the most dreaded tasks. These two tasks take hours of hard work with a high probability of committing mistakes. You’ll agree to this fact, in case you’re still manually performing them, instead of using a security management system schedule module.

With a growing business and new opportunities to plunge into, you could begin spending your valuable time on more important things like supervision or client contact, leaving the rest for schedule module of Guardso security guard system to handle it all.

Utilizing the Security Guard System’s Powerful Scheduling Module:

Today, security guard scheduling software is much more than filling the blank old-fashioned spreadsheets over and over again. It’s a complete package of easy to use, mobile app integrated programs which will do everything for you, from managing a huge number of workers to getting live guard mobile app notification of shifts getting confirmed and much more.

Despite that, unforeseen challenges such as the last minute book-off, an emergency request or situations like no-show or even a strike make effective scheduling a difficult task to accomplish. With the help of Guardso’s powerful scheduling module and timesaving features available on multiple platforms, all these problems can be easily resolved.

In case you’re wondering, “How?” I’d like to take a few minutes and share valuable features to help you efficiently utilize Guardso security guard system’s scheduling module.

1. Flexible Multi-Scheduling Shift Templates

Time is money, and we understand it better than anyone else does. So, why bother repeating every task over and over again? Automate the ones repeated by creating shift-templates. It can be used across multiple post sites while creating numerous shifts using Guardso’s security guard scheduling software on a single page. Sounds simple & not so time-consuming, doesn’t it?

2. Easy To Manage Publish/Unpublish Schedules

Publishing a schedule is hard, but harder with changing shifts. For some, it can turn into a nightmare. And, why should it not? After all, it requires ensuring the right security guard with the right skill at the right site and time all over again. But, worry not!

Guardso’s publish/unpublish shift feature makes it far easier to manage & share changing schedules instantly through live guard mobile app notifications. Be it assigning new breaks, duties, or tasks of any length are made manageable with a single click. So, once and for all say goodbye to micromanaging.

However, what makes it stand out from the rest is its ability to let the guards verify their shifts, increasing employee accountability. In fact, it also gives the employers extra confidence and reassurance to live up to their clients’ expectations.

3. Stay Up-To-Date With Open Shifts

Efficient utilization of security guard scheduling software can only be possible if one is well aware of which guard is available for which shift. Well, manually keeping track of all that information could be overwhelming and also quite not conceivable in the present scenario. Can it be?

A simple solution to this problem lies in the open shift feature of Guardso guard tour system. Not only it allows the guards to choose which shift they want to work in, but it also provides the guards with the ability to make last-minute changes to their schedules. Now, isn’t it interesting?

Once you’re updated with all the relevant information, it additionally provides you and your guard extra flexibility. Thus, encouraging the guards to execute their scheduled patrols on time, while simultaneously improving their attendance statistics. What more can an employer ask for in a security guard scheduling software?

Guardso Guard Tour System

4. User-Friendly Attendance Interface

Did you know? The attendance overview interface combined with the live guard mobile app notification feature can help make the employees more proactive in the process. Not does it only keep a check on the guard’s clock in/out, if the guard ever gets late or misses’ patrol, receiving a live notification can help you take a reasonable action instantly. Hence, making it a valuable part of the program available on multiple platforms when you’re up against the clock, especially in grave situations.

Planning in such situations may not always be an overly complicated puzzle with client confidence and expectations on the line. Features like this one help make sure that the scheduled patrol transpires with the clocking system for every security guard.

5. Brand New Scheduling Features Recently Included

Guardso is always looking forward to providing its clients with the best security guard system and to show that there is no better way than by adding new & more functional features. Which is why among a lot of major updates we recently released a few major updates of security guard scheduling software too and they are as followed:

  • Time Off Requests: It’s a brilliant new feature that streamlines the way management can keep track of the leaves requested by security guards from their mobile patrol app. It allows approving, rejecting, and even editing the leaves for better leave management.
  • Swap Shift: Swapping shifts is no longer a distant dream. Guardso is now equipped with this amazing feature that allows the security guards to swap their shift with another guard. However, the admin is one who has the ultimate authority to approve or reject their swap request.
  • Vacant Shift: Scheduling can be complex, but with the right security guard scheduling software, you can do wonders. To begin with, creating a vacant shift can help the admin remember the requirements of clients made in advance for a particular day or time, so guards can be assigned appropriately in the near future.

There isn’t a magic wand that’ll help you get rid of all your scheduling problems. But, Guardso’s security guard scheduling software with improved efficiency and reliability available on multiple platforms certainly can. Are you willing to let go of those old methods to take a step forward towards automation?