Of all the roles that security guards play, the role of conducting preventive security patrols are perhaps the most important. But what are preventive or private security patrols? Why are they essential to keeping client sites safe & secure?

These are some of the questions that we will be tackling in this blog post. Are you ready to get some answers? Let’s get started.

So, First Things First, What Are Preventive Security Patrols?

Private security firms have to ensure that the property under guard remains safe. That includes security guards making rounds through the property to ensure that there are no malfunctioning systems or cases of vandalism taking place on the site. These rounds are called preventive security patrols.

They typically take place at predetermined intervals, which can be carried out by unarmed or armed security. Security guards use a predetermined route to ensure that each section is secure.

Are These Preventive Security Patrols Trackable?

In the past, these rounds could have easily gone unmonitored, but nowadays there are security patrol solutions that can help both clients and private security firms know whether or not a security guard went on patrol. Guardso is one such security patrol solution.

With its geo-tagged route, the app helps the parties know which security guards went on their preventive security patrols. Guards can use this app to scan QR codes at given locations along their private patrol route as well as send time-stamped guard tour reports effortlessly.

Why Are Preventive Security Patrols Important?

There are three reasons why having your security guards go on preventive security patrols is crucial.

  • Firstly, preventative security patrols are meant to prevent certain incidents from occurring as the name implies. For instance, checking for unusual activity could help an unarmed or armed security guard prevent a break-in or theft.
  • Preventive security patrols are also reactive in nature. Security guards may not be able to prevent accidents or thefts, but while on these patrols, they could contain these situations. A guard could apprehend a suspect or steer employees out of a building with a hazard.
  • During a preventive security patrol, a pro-active security guard can play a crucial role in mitigating any impending danger. Remember, the basic principle of safety is to anticipate a threat and prevent it before any damage is caused.

Security Guard Operations


Performing preventive security patrols is one of the most basic tasks expected of security guards on client sites. They are conducted in such a manner that it increases the visibility of security guards presence to help deter people from committing crimes.

Further, a security patrol solution like Guardso plays a vital role to ensure the efficiency of preventive security patrols is improved by making them trackable in real-time. What more can you ask for?