As much as your private patrol company is providing quality services to its clients, it also needs to stay on its feet financially. You can ensure you are always working within the most affordable budget and at the same time satisfying your clients’ best interests through Guardso. Below is a list of ways that Guardso minimizes on expenses and will boost your company’s profits in a short while.

QR Codes and GPS Location Finding

All clients and guards are assigned a unique QR code to help them check into a location and enable tracing. The hassle of finding customers is canceled out and the number of salvaged situations increases. With reduced incidences of damages, clients will be compelled to your private patrol company’s services and attract other customers too. You end up spending less on operations conducted, perfecting customer satisfaction and receiving more profit in your business.

Client Privacy

Paperwork is easily misplaced or landing into the wrong hands. Guardso introduced online management of data, and customers are no longer skeptical about disclosing all their private data to their security companies. The data is encrypted and only accessible to those with authorization.

Online Platform

Guardso is an online-based software. It is constantly up-to-date with all security occurrences. This helps the client feel secure at all times. Initially, it was expensive and tedious to do physical rounds and check-ups on the customer, but now this is not necessary because these can all be done through the online portal. It saves the company lots of money and increases its overall income.

Portable Phone Application

All guards working in companies using the Guardso interface are equipped with the application on their work phones. It allows them to receive and give information as soon as anything happens. They will promptly respond to any distress calls and do their jobs in a timely manner. They may not even need to communicate with colleagues back at the central station because they will have already updated all occurrences through the application.