Team Guardso is always on the mission to provide its clients the best security guard tour system. And we believe, there is no better way of showing that to you than by adding new and more functional features to our web-based & mobile patrol app solution so you can sell your security guard services with confidence.

Now, let us briefly take a look at the features we decided to add after careful consideration and of course your valuable feedback. For your convenience, the updates have been divided into two parts.

Live Dashboard Updates:

  1. Support Ticket System

    If you ever find yourself in a problem or have a query that nothing on the website can help you resolve, well, this is what this system has been designed for. Integrated into the Guardso security guard system, it will allow you to create & submit a ticket to the admin to get an appropriate solution. Apart from the ability to directly communicate with the admin, you’ll also be able to track the status of the ticket & the action taken to resolve it.

  2. Dispatch & Custom Reporting Overview Graphs

    Graphs are what makes reports interesting. They help convey large amounts of information in a visually appealing way that makes it easier to digest & understand it all. This new addition to the Live dashboard will provide a graphical overview of dispatches made and custom reports submitted for different post sites. Not only will they help to keep track of these activities on a daily basis, but also help in quickly analyzing the data so you can plan & manage your operations accordingly.

  3. Duplicate Custom Reports

    Custom reports have been a part of the Guardso security reporting software for a while now. This amazing feature allows the managers to focus on few criteria specific to guards or client sites as per his discretion. Which means creating different custom reports for different requirements every time. But that’s not the case always, isn’t it? Which is why now you’ll have the option to duplicate custom reports to save a lot of time & also to simplify the process effortlessly.

  4. Vehicle Patrol

    We took this opportunity to step up our security tour system a notch higher with an exclusive new addition for vehicle patrol to improve accountability & site visibility. With it, you’ll also be able to stay connected to the field and manage vehicle-based security patrol run at different times effectively.

  5. Invoicer

    The long wait to have an in-built invoicer in Guardso security tour system to streamline your billing now finally comes to an end. It is seamlessly efficient & far professional than paper-based invoicing could ever be. From accurate cost-estimates in multi-currency to keeping track & record of payments will turn estimating & billing into a smooth & effortless process.

Mobile Patrol App Updates:

  1. Guards Can View Other Guards Reports

    One fellow guard can truly become a great inspiration to another. And we strive to help them achieve that by letting them have access to view other guards reports through our latest mobile patrol app update. This will help improve communication between them as they’ll now have the option to always stay up-to-date with the progress made on-site.

  2. Guards Can Check Previous Time Log

    With this mobile patrol app, the guards will finally be able to keep a record of the time spent on-job at previous post sites along with other details. They include exact clock-in/out time and the type of shifts completed.

  3. Messenger For Guards & Admins To Chat

    One of the greatest news we have to share with you all is that now your guards, as well as your admins, will be able to chat with each other on the same post site. The messenger feature that will be available on both web and mobile app will provide a check-in based chat access for easier real-time team collaborations.

If you have any questions, you know where to contact us or just leave a comment below.