Logbooks are the most basic and most inexpensive type of visitor management system that despite the advancement in technology is still widely used. Well, if you’ve been using the logbooks too, now is the perfect time to ditch them and start using a digital visitor management system. 

Logbooks require visitors to handle a communal pen, and in the times of COVID-19, everyone would want to avoid it. A digital visitor management system, on the contrary, is today designed to make the process touchless. Guardso visitor management system offers a much more sophisticated platform to document and manage the arrival, departure, and presence of visitors on a client site using iOS and Android devices.

Because the visitor management system is cloud-based, it’s vastly more powerful and useful than the traditional logbooks. The security guard can capture visitor details and click photographs to save it all on a secure database. Not only you but your clients can view visitor logs from anywhere there is an Internet connection. More information is shared in the infographic below.

Security Guard

There are numerous other advantages of switching to the Guardso visitor management system in addition to helping security guards effortlessly create legible and detailed logs and profiles of visitors and vehicles in times of COVID-19. To get to know a lot more about it, sign up for the Guardso guard tour system for a 14 days free trial and explore all its features. Get started now!