A newly hired security guard by almost every security guard company is expected to be physically fit for the job and possess some other crucial security guard qualities. Though there is no mandatory fitness test, no one would still want to hire a security guard who won’t be able to fulfill the basic duties. A newly hired security guard of a security guard company is expected to walk miles while patrolling on a client site to having the strength to simply stop a suspect from leaving the premises, and much more.

For a newly hired security guard to be able to keep up with the changing requirements of the job, he/she needs to be healthy and fit. That means trying to follow the following things diligently:

Get Sufficient Sleep

Seep is one of those crucial things that ensure not only a newly hired security guard stays in shape but also every person in general. However, often, its importance is highly underestimated. Which is why we’ve listed it on our list of things every newly hired security guard should do.

Sleep is when your body recovers – whether it is from an exhausting day at work, stress, exercise, or something else entirely. Getting a good night’s sleep can significantly increase productivity and increase the ability of the mind to work effectively while working. Therefore, always get enough sleep.

Exercise On A Daily Basis

Running, jogging, or going to the gym is perfect for a newly hired security guard to have some sort of moderate physical activity in everyday life. But the problem with it is that not everyone has that kind of time. If you are looking to stay fit, there’s nothing better than a high-level intensity workout. One of its greatest benefits is that it can be done anywhere and anytime. The only thing you need to make sure is to be consistent day in and day out to get the desired results.


Concentrate On What You Eat

Regularly working out to stay fit is a battle that’s half won. Knowing what to eat and how much to is the other half of the battle, a newly hired security guard doesn’t focus on.

Relying completely on packaged food is often the problem. The solution to it is equally simple – prepare your meals yourself. It increases the likelihood of a higher-quality diet, and you get to choose what you want in your food. That is going to make all the difference to ensure you stay fit in the long-term.

Learn Self-Defence Techniques

Did you know that learning self-defense is one of the many security guard training elective courses you can opt for? In case you didn’t, well, now you know. In fact, for a lot of private security guards, it’s a requirement. If you choose to go with this option, not only will it be a great way to get physically & mentally strong but also learn to react to unwanted situations abruptly.

Here’s a list of self-defense techniques that can be very beneficial, and become a part of the newly hired security guard’s daily exercise routine, if he/she doesn’t want to go to a gym.

  • Krav Maga: Krav Maga is today one of the world’s best-known self-defense systems. Developed by Imi Side-Or (Lichtefeild), it started as a military self-defense system in Israel.
  • Aikido: This very effective security guard training technique is all about using the attackers’ power & weight against them to put them on the ground. It is one of the best techniques for those who have to control aggressive and unskilled people around the clock.
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or also known as BJJ, is the sport of grappling to submission. It is focused almost completely on the ground and is well known for its locks and chokes.

Practice Self Discipline

Self-discipline is the stepping stone for every newly hired security guard to ensure he/she can stay physically fit day by day, week after week, and month after month. A lot of times, it is associated with deprivation & harshness when it’s all about self-control & giving up on harmful habits. The discipline with which a newly hired security guard does his/her job safely & effectively, the same discipline is required to stay in shape.

Doing these things may not seem to make the difference instantly, but being consistent will help keep the newly hired security guard in shape in the long-term.

Are you ready to commit to good habits not only for your job but yourself?