A hospital has to face several security challenges on a daily basis. For most of us, imagining that can be tough, isn’t it? But, a place that never closes or has visitors constantly swarming in and out of the building can present different levels of security challenges. Take a moment to let that thought sink in, and you’ll realize how tough can that be.

In order to mitigate them, security guards need to be equipped with the right security management software. In fact, they need to be specifically trained to work in the healthcare industry, because:

  • It’s a completely unique environment.
  • A unique set of people skills & empathy is required.

A new research has found that violence in emergency departments is increasing, harming the patients. Since hospitals can’t pick & choose their customers, the demand for security guards that are well equipped and possess the required communication skills for the safety & security of staff, patients, & visitors is on the rise.

So, the question is how can you extend your present security management software to meet the security requirements in hospitals. Let’s take a look.

A Security Management Software To Lead The Way

In a hospital, technology is one thing that always keep evolving. But is that the case with the security department in the same hospital? Not really!

The same old methods are used to get the things done, or different systems with different functions that do not make it easier for anyone.

What you need is an all-in-one system that evolves and stands the test of running a security operation 24×7, 365 days. You need Guardso security management software!

Monitor, Track, & Record Easily

Finding the right & portable equipment for the guards that live up to the today’s hospital concerns is essential. The biggest reason behind it is their inability to still:

  • Monitor
  • Track
  • Record daily activities

The guards need a single platform to effortlessly do that and so much more that Guardso mobile patrol app offers at an affordable price. For instance features like geofenced check-in/out, mobile app guided site tours and the ability to submit live reports, pick & choose shifts through openshift feature, create passdown logs subtly help in mitigating on-site challenges.

Effortless Visitor Tracking

Not all hospital have visitor restrictions & limitations. The high influx of visitors and 24×7 open doors make it challenging. Thus, making a visitor sign-in software implementation seem impractical

But, there are hospitals who believe in having strict visiting policies. Guardso cloud-based visitor sign-in software can be implemented to keep track of people entering & leaving the building. It’s absolutely hassle-free, affordable, a great way to improve emergency response and to reduce security breaches significantly.

Improved Incident Measures

Incidents don’t pick a place when to occur or not, they just happen. And when they do, be it an appropriate behaviour or any type of violence Guardso security management software can ensure your guards are prepared to report it to a dispatcher in real-time.

Further using the Guardso’s dispatch software, the dispatcher can seamlessly register, assign, update, and track the live activity status of the situation from a single platform. Ensuring no call is ever missed and every security guard receives aid whenever needed while causing less inconvenience to patients already suffering both physically & emotionally.

Powerful Way To Report

Irrespective of where a guard works, reporting is an integral part of his or her job. After taking care of the situation at hand, it’s his or her next biggest responsibility to report it, if possible in real-time.

Guardso security management software can provide them the ability to effortlessly send the reports from a mobile patrol app right from their smartphone.

  • It’s quick, powerful, easy to use, and an award-winning invention.
  • It supports photo, video, & files in the reports.
  • Watch mode log allows taking live video to share it in real-time.

What more can you ask for in a security guard reporting software?

Effective Communication Channel

With a huge staff working under one roof, it can be overwhelming for the establishment to take care of them. Therefore, security jobs are often outsourced to established security companies in the region.

Which makes it more critical than ever to have an effective communication channel between the two. And Guardso makes that happen with its client portal that allows the hospital administration to access reports shared by the guards at any given time.

So, with Guardso security guard management software now take better control of the security operations in a health care institution unlike ever before.