The process of decision making based on historical data is slow and cumbersome. It takes a lot of time and efforts to both collect and analyze the data. This is the reason why reliable real-time security guard dispatch management strategy is considered an integral part of a successful security guard company. And the security guard dispatch software acts as the perfect tool to accomplish any task at hand with ultimate accuracy, which if done manually could result in costly errors.

Therefore, Guardso real-time security guard dispatch software is designed to improve and simplify the process to efficiently coordinate routes and delivery of emergency services. So, let’s briefly take a look at how Guardso security guard dispatch software is changing businesses.

Makes Dispatching Process Efficient

The first and the foremost concern of every security guard company is to have a security guard dispatch software that can easily help create new dispatch calls and simultaneously assign them to multiple guards. Well, Guardso security patrol solution exceeds those expectations as it allows the dispatchers to stay connected on ground zero to get live status. It also allows them to view notes, videos, audios, and image files from the guards.

Improves Guard Visibility On-Site

Guardso security patrol solution equipped with one of the best security guard dispatch software in the industry. It effortlessly allows eliminating chaos and confusion by automating the process of dispatching guards to make sure that no call is ever missed and every guard gets the help he or she requires.

To improve guard visibility on-site GPS tracking is used which further helps to optimize the patrol routes to provide structure and accountability to generate better results.

Helps Manage Multiple Post Sites

Another great aspect Guardso security patrol solution’s dispatch software has to offer is its ability to seamlessly manage calls coming in from multiple sources. That allows the dispatchers to take appropriate actions while meeting the unique requirements of everybody to ensure enhanced productivity.

Quick & Flexible Response Capabilities

There are so many things that can go wrong while working on a post-site. But, a security guard dispatch software can help ensure that the damage is reduced to a minimum by responding in a timely manner. Even while handling huge volumes of calls in real-time, Guardso allows to easily register and store them in an organized manner for future reference. So, not only this helps in making effective and defensible decisions, but it also relieves some pressure off the dispatchers knowing there will be a history to look back on if required.

So, is your security guard dispatch software changing your business? If not, it’s time to change your security guard dispatch software.