Security guard tour dispatchers may not be the only people responsible for the success of your company, but they sure do play an important role behind the scenes. And that’s why they need the right real-time security dispatch software to address their every need just the way every security guard must know all de-escalation techniques.

Then be it the ability to respond in a quick and appropriate manner or the requirement to immediately share necessary information with the security officers, Guardso’s real-time dispatch software has it all covered. But, how? Let’s take a look.

  • Instantly Organize Dispatch Calls

The integrated real-time dispatch software of Guardso’s security patrol system has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the guard tour dispatchers. Those especially include the ability to easily respond and instantly register important information of dispatch calls coming in from multiple sources. To further minimize the response time in emergencies, it automatically organizes the information right within the system ready to be shared and accessed by security officers at any given time.

  • Real-Time On-Site Monitoring

There was a time when guard tour dispatchers had to leave the whole process up to guesswork. But today, a real-time dispatch software as meticulous as Guardso eliminates the chaos & confusion with ultimate precision. It’s done by letting the dispatchers get live activity status of the guards on-site to know which one of them has copied the dispatch call. This also allows them to keep track of the guards that are on the way, have arrived, or if they are experiencing any delays with a live update.

  • Precise Security Guard Management

It is critical to know the exact details of incidents to ensure the guards can be sent to the right place at the right time to precisely manage them. So, Guardso, the ultimate security patrol systems real-time dispatch software not only provides the exact location but also helps the dispatchers to assign multiple calls to multiples guards in a few clicks. To make sure important calls are never missed and urgent situations are addressed efficiently, different levels of priorities from high, medium, and low can be set.

  • Site Specific Updates Enabled

Every site is unique in itself, isn’t it? Be it in terms of the number of site patrols, incident history or even the security guards deployed there. The initial categorization done based on these by the Guardso’s real-time dispatch software eliminates the delays that can be fatal. It also enhances the types of resolution to be provided and communicated ahead, as it allows the dispatchers to stay connected to ground zero to get live call status and much more using security reporting software.

  • Easy Access To Historical Data

Having access to historical data of dispatch calls is one of the most important features Guardso’s real-time dispatch software has to offer to your guard tour dispatchers. After all, this is what can help them understand how your operations have evolved over time, so they can take a proactive approach to boost dispatch center services that meet your clients’ needs. Additionally, it can also be used to demonstrate the quality of your services.

So, empower your guard tour dispatchers with Guardso’s real-time dispatch software that undoubtedly caters to all their needs.