If you are looking for a simple, seamless, and secure messenger that allows security guards and admins to connect and collaborate in real-time, reimagine team communication with GuardsPro Messenger. Integrated within the guard tour system, it is built to make communication more convenient and accessible with record-keeping capabilities.

GuardsPro Messenger: A Real-Time Communication Software

It is a simple, seamless, and secure messenger that works flawlessly with both the GuardsPro back-office dashboard and guard mobile app. Using the messenger you can:

  • Group Chat
  • One-To-One Chat
  • Post-Site Chat

It allows for both group chat and one-to-one chat. These two options are highly crucial, depending on the kind of communication you want to get into.

Using the group chat feature of the messenger, security guards and admins can create a group for guards checked-in on the same client site or skip that step altogether to start the chat.

In one-to-one chat, your admins can activate/de-activate one-way conversation in GuardsPro messenger for other users at the receiving end to only read the chat.

Since, effective communication is vital for a successful security operation, GuardsPro messenger allows the admins and security guards checked in on the same site to chat effortlessly. 

When the text doesn’t cut, add clarity by adding multimedia. Security guards can instantly share images captured, audio messages, and video files with other guards with or without a post site. 

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Designed to keep the chats focused and professional, GuardsPro messenger gives security guards and admin the power to communicate in real-time. It is the ultimate solution that can be used for team building, adding clarity to chats, and keeping your security teams informed and updated.

To get hands-on experience on all GuardsPro guard tour system’s features, sign up for a 30 days free trial or click here to view the demo right away without the hassle of scheduling a call. For more information, head to our website and read more about GuardsPro messenger.