When not patrolling, security guards are required to work from the desk of the office. But that’s not the case anymore. COVID-19 pandemic has forced the security workforce too to work from home. Well, no matter what the situation or place that the guards need to work from, Guardso guard portal, a web version of Guardso mobile app can help simplify their tasks.

Designed especially for guards to stay on top of things & making security operations as efficient as possible, Guardso guard portal is a reliable system. With its intuitive interface, the guards can clock-in/out, access their time logs, schedules, post-orders, company policies, document reports, and do so much more from anywhere. Further, enabling the guards to look at everything from a different perspective, improving operational efficiency.

Learn more about how Guardso guard portal, the web version of Guardso mobile app, brings efficiency to your security operations.

Guardso Mobile App

Guardso guard portal is designed to let guards log into the web browser to do everything they can using Guardso mobile app. To know more about it and the Guardso guard tour system, visit guardso.com. Even better, register for 14 days free trial to get hands-on experience: https://app.guardso.com/register