The security managers in private patrol companies whether it’s big or small, have a significant role to play. They are often seen as someone only responsible for hiring new members for the staff and delegating task & duties to them. But is that really it? Definitely not, especially when nowadays a security patrol software is being used for making the security operations highly integrated, and more streamlined.

The constantly evolving security patrol software is dramatically reshaping company functions. It is facilitating them with ways to smoothly run their business and perform better than ever before. Therefore, making it necessary for the security managers to keep up with it by evolving their responsibilities and duties. How exactly has it impacted them, let’s take a look?

Superior Real-Time Security Patrol Monitoring
One of the main jobs of a security manager is to monitor security patrol in real-time. Back in the days, this task was not an easy one to accomplish as it has become today. All thanks to the constantly evolving technologies greatest invent, a security patrol monitoring system integrated with security patrol software has a big part to play. It has made a significant difference in the way security managers used to get this job done.

Unlike in the past where a manager had to visit the patrol site to check the guard, today the modern security patrol monitoring system allows them to track the location of each and every guard on different sites via GPS with QR tagged or NFC coded checkpoints. These security patrol monitoring system are also designed to send live notifications when security guards check-in or check-out, or to alert managers of potential problems in order to respond quickly and accurately from a remote location.

These are not the only security guard tracking features you must know if you are a security manager, but for that, you’ll have to get your hands on it to get an in-depth insight.

Sublime Automated Security Guard Scheduling
Remember the not-so-good old days when scheduling meant lots and lots of paperwork for a security manager? Working out this important part of the security operation was not only a messy and a time-consuming task but also susceptible to so many errors. Luckily, this approach has been replaced by an automated security guard scheduling mechanism used by none other than the security patrol software itself.

Today’s automated security guard scheduling system has much more than to just get the blank spreadsheet filled in by the managers. It has simplified their tasks as well as increased employee engagement through features where a security guard can confirm a shift or even choose the one he wants to work. Schedules and changes made therein get automatically communicated through a mobile patrol app to the guards.

Therefore, a security manager now need not spend hours behind the desk scheduling but concentrate on things that are more important.

The Necessity To Keep Up With Changing Technology
Over the last few decades, we have seen life-changing technology make it’s way to the market, which has been evolving ever since and helping people around the world. For the security industry, security patrol system is that one technology a private patrol company today can’t efficiently work without.

New breakthroughs are certainly going to make it better and better. But for the security managers and guards, adapting to it and knowing the best ways to implement the software will become a necessity. Relying on personal observations alone won’t be enough as security patrol system will provide insight into the important security trends.

So, have your security manager’s roles, responsibilities, and their duties evolved with your security patrol software? If not, reconsider a new security patrol software for your company.