Social media platforms are becoming the new search engines, where people are constantly looking for information they can rely on. You must have already figured that out, haven’t you? Well, the tough part is to decide which one social media platform your security guard company should rely on to increase your brand awareness. To be honest, why a single social media platform? Why not more than one?

Every social media platform is unique and therefore have different things to offer to different kinds of audience. Why not make the most of all of them & do more than just creating brand awareness. Here’s a list of social media platforms your security guard company can choose to be on:


Facebook is one of the most widely used security media platforms with the most diverse and active audience than on any other platform in the world. America alone has 210 million users. Therefore, it is undoubtedly one of the best social media platforms for a security guard company to reach its target market irrespective of the place you are at right now. It’s extremely simple to use and share a variety of information from textual posts, images, videos, gifs, links to your website, and so much more.


Twitter is yet another social media platform that effortlessly allows businesses of all kinds to connect to a global audience using hashtags and tweet mentions. Even better, it is one of the leading platforms used by B2B & B2C companies to market their products & services worldwide. From images, videos, blog posts, news updated, gifs, etc. everything can be tweeted just like facebook, but within a specific word limit. Tweet mentions are what makes customer engagement more interesting. Have you tried it yet?


Instagram, over the last few years, has gained a lot of popularity. As a result, businesses have started to adopt this platform to market their products and services in unique ways. That includes images, short videos, & live videos uploaded with captions and trending hashtags. Well, if others can do it, your security guard company can do it better. You can share pictures of your security guards, properties you’ve secured in the past, your happy customers, on-going offers, latest technology, and other attributes of your business to attract new customers.


Youtube isn’t just a social medial channel suitable for your security guard company to create brand awareness but also the next most used search engines after Google. There is no other platform like it to share information in the form of videos. So, if your security guard company has any information in the form of videos, be it about your security services or the guard tour system you use to streamline security operations, this is the platform where you can put them up.

If you don’t have videos, then consider creating some. Uploading them to Youtube with the right description & links will also help improve the SEO value of your security guard company.


Before you create a LinkedIn business account, think hard about the kind of customers you’re offering your security services to. If the list of those customers also includes businesses, well, this is the ultimate social media platform for your security guard company. A lot of business organizations & professionals mainly use this platform, and therefore it’s preferred for B2B marketing.

Just like Facebook & Twitter, you can post practically anything. Be sure to be specific about your security services & the way you use your guard tour system while explaining them. Ask your security guards & employees as well as customers to like & follow your profile.

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Common Aspects The Social Media Platforms Share:

All these social media platforms, despite being unique in their way, have a lot of common aspects that can be used to increase brand awareness as well as sales, effectively. Here are a few points you’ll find interesting:

  1. None of the above social media platforms will cost you a penny to spread brand awareness, well, except for the ads. The best part about it is that you can do that on a budget and stop the ads whenever you want. Mind you, running ads on social media platforms is considered one of the best B2B marketing strategies for a security guard company.
  2. Apart from adding all the necessary info about your security guard company, the profiles on all the above platforms can be customized. You would want to do that because personalization helps to create a brand identity. For instance, use a unique display picture to help your audience recognize your company in a glance.
  3. Updating cover photos on social media platforms play a crucial role in increasing brand awareness. How? Just this one pic of the right dimension can help you talk about your security services, guard tour system, or any on-going offer effortlessly. In case that’s not possible, try uploading a relevant image of the services you provide & that’s it.


Social media platforms are highly effective not only to increase brand awareness but also to attract new customers & increase sales at a significant rate. All you need to do is figure out which platform to use or all of the above and publish quality content.

Take inspiration from others and use them in your strategies. Be consistent. Help your customers with what they want. Monitor your progress. That’s how you will be able to ensure everything your doing is right and aligned with the core values of your security guard company.