Security patrol guards have to deal with a lot of pressure on a day-to-day basis, which makes occupational stress in their job inevitable. But a guard tour system as that of Guardso with a mobile patrol app equipped with robust features has made it easier for security patrol guards to at least report & communicate with the supervisors, reducing one of the main reasons for stress.

Despite that, there are several factors responsible for causing stress. And since everyone’s tolerance level is different, here we are today to discuss different ways security patrol guards can use to cope up with occupational stress.

1. Learn To Spot Stress

Security patrol guards not being able to spot occupational stress until it becomes intense is usually where the problem lies. Not being able to accept that they are facing it is yet another problem on a different level. Security patrol guards can look out for the following indications of stress and take a moment to stop & consider why:

  • Changes in their moods.
  • The way they talk to people on-site.
  • Suddenly begin to hate their job or dread going to work.

2. Schedule Work Smartly

Security patrol guards are often scheduled to work long hours. That turns this aspect of the job into the one also responsible for inducing stress in security patrol guards. However, unlike other factors, it’s far easier to take control of using a guard tour system. Security patrol guards through the open shift feature of Guardso guard tour system can smartly pick & choose the shift they want to work or even swap shifts with other guards to keep stress away.

3. Take A Break

There is no better way to cope up with occupational stress than taking a short break from work, or is there? Security patrol guards who regularly make time for themselves are better equipped to handle stress. It helps them to refocus on their career and its benefits. It helps them to remember why they are doing the job in the first place, therefore allowing them to focus on the good.

4. Talk To Your Supervisor

Stressed security patrol guards are always recommended to talk to their supervisors. After all, they are the ones who know them well because of their direct reporting relationships and the kind of work that security patrol guards perform on-site. Which is why they are the ones security patrol guards can turn to for not only motivation on the job but also for recommendations on how to better manage the stress of the job.


5. Make Better Lifestyle Choices

Adopting a healthy lifestyle should not be an option for anyone. Reason being, it helps increase resistance to stress by strengthening the physical & emotional health of a person. Security patrol guards due to the tough nature of their job should adopt it by eating clean & healthy, exercising regularly, avoiding drugs & alcohol, and getting enough sleep. This boosts self-confidence & self-esteem, that will help reduce stress significantly.

6. Keep A Good Attitude

A lot of times, stress is caused due to situations that are not avoidable. Well, security patrol guards don’t need to. Instead, they can try to alter it by expressing their feelings in a constructive & assertive manner. As for the things that cannot be controlled or changed, security patrol guards should learn to accept them as they are. They can try to find positive aspects to eliminate self-defeating and negative thoughts.

7. Face Past Traumatic Stress

Due to the conditions in which security patrol guards work could easily lead them to have life-threatening experiences, even when innovative tech like a mobile patrol app is available at their fingertips equipped with GPS tracking & reporting features. Though not so common, these experiences can result in a high level of stress. And when that happens, it impacts every aspect of their lives. In such cases, security patrol guards should not be afraid to ask for help.

So, how are you planning to help cope with occupational stress? We recommend beginning with accepting the fact that you are facing it.