As the competition grows serious, every security company is pushing its limits to provide the best security guard services. Among all other factors, one element that remains overlooked is adequate security guard training.

This is one of the easiest and effectual methods to optimize your security operations. The services provided by a trained security guard could mean the difference between generating more business based on uber class performance or bruising your reputation.

For starters, go through the list of things your guards should be trained in:

1. Using The Security Patrol Software

Today when security industry is all for the use of security patrol software that is tailor-made to serve the needs of the client and the security guard company alike, the security guard needs to know how to make use of the technology at hand. Training will combine technology with a human effort to yield the desired levels of efficiency.

2. Conducting Guard Tour Patrol

It is a common understanding that a guard tour patrol is said to be effective when conducted at regular intervals. Using a security guard management system on site allows the guards through its numerous features to coordinate with each other as their locations are updated in real-time. Each one needs to be trained on how to use the system to call for help in case an emergency arises that needs external aid.

3. Clarity In Posting Orders

Lack of unity in command is the main reason that following instruction becomes chaotic, and nothing really gets done. With Guardso, the detailed schedule of every security guard is accessible at the touch of a finger.

The manager gets to schedule or re-schedule the orders in real-time without the hassle to communicate the same individual to every security guard. Guards get the hang of it easily and are able to focus on the actual job rather than trying to figure out every guard tour patrol schedule.

4. Hassle Free Report Writing

When the client pays for the security service, he expects to be kept abreast of every minute detail of the on-site service provided. As the guards provide first-hand information, they need to be trained to provide reports that match up to the industry standards.

Security expert Guardso makes it easier by cutting the hassles of paper reporting. The security guard can simply update the information on the app which is accessible to both the security company and the client. As a result, the cost, time, and effort involved in security guard training are tremendously reduced.

5. Self Defence Can’t Be Ignored

The guards work in conditions that can be life-threatening at times. If a security guard gets injured on duty, not only is it bad for the individual employee but also raises questions about the credibility of the security guard company. So it is imperative to invest in security guard training focusing on self-defense lest they get injured during guard tour patrols.

6. De-escalation Techniques

When dealing with commercial sites, there are conditions that escalate to a grave extent posing threat to both life and property. The guards have to be proactive to be able to sense these conditions and avoid any casualties. It’s one of the reasons why your security guard must know all de-escalation technique.

Security guard training equips them with the physical and mental skill to keep the situation in check. And in the unlikely case, if they find themselves in an outrageous event, de-escalation training helps them keep any damage to the minimum.

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7. Efficient Client Handling

More than the managers, the security guards are the representatives of the security guard company as they interact with the clients on a one-on-one basis while on guard tour patrol. Handling the client in a polite manner brings a good name to your company. Remember, word of mouth is the best marketing strategy.

8. Effective Communication Skills

On duty, the security guards not only communicate with the clients but also find themselves in situations where they come face to face with troublemakers. In such times, trained security not only handles the client smoothly but also is able to mediate any threatening situations just through effective communication skills.

9. Handling Arms

It is crucial that the guards are trained to handle arms. This not keeps the people on the site safe but also avoids any extreme situations where the arms carried by the security guard may be used to inflict any damage saving the guard and the security company from any legal issues.

10. Functional Teamwork

On-site guard tour patrol is not a one-man show. There are emergencies where the security guard might be in need of external help. Guardso security patrol software helps managers keep a check on the guards available in the vicinity of the area and call them for immediate aid.

Thus, allowing all the employees to work as a team. The guards need the training to work together so as to develop coordination with or without using the mobile patrol app of the security patrol software.

Security guard training is an investment that every security guard company must make. It is a decision that benefits all the stakeholders.