You are interested in pursuing the in-demand career of a security guard, aren’t you? Then you’ll be thrilled to know that this industry that has been growing exponentially and therefore has numerous job opportunities to offer. And even better, it does not take very long & does not require a college degree to get started. All it needs is you to obtain a guard card to start working immediately.

But, then there’s a catch! Every state in the US has their own unique training and licensing requirements, and you’ll need to adhere to the one set forth by your state. Security Guard Training Central sheds a light on them individually. Though a lot of them are quite similar in nature. There are a few general requirements featured by all, which include:

  • To be 18 years of age or older
  • Have no felony or violent convictions
  • Be of sound mind
  • Carry a high school diploma or GED

What To Do To Acquire A Guard Card?

The fundamental step to becoming a security guard, specifically in California involves exercising 2 initial levels of security guard training.

The first level of training is the one required to acquire the guard card to immediately start working. The second includes the Security Officer Training that a guard needs to complete within 30 days of getting the first security guard position.

But, today here we are to briefly take a look at the first half of the training and leave the other for another time.

Security Guard Training – Level One

In order to acquire the guard card, you’ll need to complete 2 courses, that are 4 hours each. They are as follows with basics that are usually covered:

Course 01: Powers To Arrest

  • What does it mean to arrest someone?
  • How to identify escalating situations and what to do to de-escalate them?
  • How to restrain a person and deal with the consequences that could follow.
  • Get a better understanding of the laws of trespassing.
  • Pass the Powers to Arrest test with a 100% result.

Course 02: Weapons Of Mass Destruction And Terrorism Awareness

  • Understand the overall role of the security guard.
  • What the Nature of Terrorism is?
  • What the Weapons of Mass Destruction are?
  • Understanding what critical information is and whom to share it with?

But, they can be taken either online or in a classroom, as per your discretion. Though, the latest trends show online guard card classes are the preferred method by most guards because they are cheaper and more convenient. How do you plan to go about them?

Reason being, once you’re done with these two courses, your level one training will come to an end. However, before you get your guard card, you’ll need to go to a live scan location to get your fingerprints scanned. Pay the fees and get the Live Scan form filled by the operator.

This will finally allow you to go online and complete the application to begin the process of acquiring your guard card. It might take between 7-10 days to get the application approved. Once that’s done, you can take out a print of your security guard card and begin working immediately. Simple, isn’t it?

But, What After Receiving Your Guard Card?

We say it’s important you begin to accurately manage your site tours and additional tasks assigned to you. For that, there is no better way of getting started than using Guardso security patrol solution. It’s packed with features that will help streamline your operations, enhances productivity, ensure your safety, choose & confirm the shift you want to work and so much more using a mobile patrol app.

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The list of benefits of Guardso guard patrol solution is never-ending. You’ll have to sign up to experience what we can’t explain. So, are you ready to become an integral part of our security industry?