Are you tired of measuring the performance of your security officers and not getting any results?
The struggle is real, and we get that!

Despite that, evaluation is important to not only help them perform their duties to the best of their abilities but also to train and motivate them effectively.

So, the real question is: How to do it right?

Well, all you need are the top 5 indicators that will effortlessly help you to measure the performance of your security officers accurately.

Best Indicators Of Security Officers Performance:

1. Reports

Based on reporting, the managers have to make the most important decisions. Which is why the accuracy of reports today matters a lot.

So, consider evaluating your security officers on the following viewpoints:

  • His or her ability to efficiently take notes.
  • How thoroughly is the site tour or an incident explained?
  • If the reports are professionally written, but without jargons?
  • How clearly the notes are transcribed into a report?

Though remember, that an online guard tour reporting software is quickly replacing the traditional paper reporting system.

Guardso’s guard tour reporting software, for instance, allows the security officers to use mobile patrol app to share a variety of real-time reports with photo, video, & audio files attached from the post-site.

Additionally, watch mode log makes it easier for the managers to watch video feeds shared by the officers.

Guardso REport Performance

2. Knowledge

Knowledge is the mother of all virtues. Which is why security officers must be proficient in all security procedures and especially the emergency plans. Therefore, they must be evaluated based on:

  • How they follow them in various situations?
  • Their ability to recite & explain them in a detailed manner.
  • How they utilize Guardso, and it’s visitor management system?

Further, they can be regularly quizzed, given a written test or their knowledge can be measured by going over a checklist on various procedures including:

  • Entrance & exit controls
  • Patrol techniques
  • Use of radio
  • Traffic & parking rules

Additional training to acquire new knowledge can play a vital role. Reason being, 2018 Guarding Report published in Security Magazine talks about the skills and needs of security officers are changing due to updated technology and integrated services.

The chances are, that’s the case with your security officers too.

3. Appearance

Should security officers care about their appearance? Of course, they should! The best ones in the industry do it to show their dedication towards their job! What are your security officer’s reasons to do so?

Security officers who are well dressed and properly equipped with the right equipment to do their job can send a powerful message from afar.

Click here to know the things to keep in mind when equipping your security officer!

Clean, crisp professionals uniforms with tucked in t-shirts and pressed pants will certainly demand more respect and convey more authority than otherwise.

Therefore, it should be included as an essential part of the evaluation to measure the performance of security officers.

4. Attitude

Security officers have to work with different clients in different environments to meet their expectations. In that case, a positive attitude is considered mandatory.

The supervisors can be asked to not only keep a check on the security officers but also evaluate their attitude during the shifts. Here are a few factors they can take into consideration:

  • Security officer’s opinions of others.
  • His or her sense of responsibility.
  • Their ability to accept criticism.
  • If they are prone to complaining?
  • Will they admit their mistakes or not?

Apart from that, how Guardso is used can also say a lot about them. For instance:

  • Passdown Logs – How they pass down information to fellow officers?
  • Messenger Application – How they communicate with each other?
  • Time Logs – How punctual they are?
  • Time Card Entries – Number of breaks taken within the working hours.
  • Task Reports – How much attention they pay to additional daily tasks?

5. Public relations

Security officers irrespective of the companies they work in, they represent them. Directly or indirectly they are the ones who act as a public relation representative.
So, in order to determine whether they are representing you the way desired, take a look at the following elements:

  • Cooperation with the people around them.
  • The way they communicate with them.
  • Their ability to work as a team.
  • They way they use messenger application.
  • The discreet enforcement of authority.
  • Last but not least, self-control.


The indicators you choose to measure the performance of security officers is essential. Because it can help incentivize the high performers and plan training requirements for the under-performers. So, the security of your clients, property as well as the credibility of your private patrol company can only get better.

What performance indicators do you use to evaluate the performance of your security officer? Comment below to let us know.