Introducing Guardso Payroll Integration!

Security guard companies often have to keep double records of employees. One for their security guard management system and another for the payroll which often results in unnecessary double work. Correct, isn’t it?

Since the natural data flow is disturbed, it paves the way for additional errors. This can be eliminated by integrating the two which we are more than glad to announce today as a part of Guardso 6.0 updates. We’ll be offering seamlessness Guardso payroll integration with a few well-known payroll providers of the industry.

They are as followed:

Major Guardso Payroll Integrations:

1. Quickbooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll is one of the best payroll providers for small business. In case you are using it currently, you’ll be thrilled to know that now you will be able to integrate it with Guardso, and vice versa to manage payroll with absolute ease.

  • A single click in Guardso’s Payroll Reports will allow you to effortlessly send timesheets to QuickBooks online. All the hours from the guard’s timesheets will be transferred as regular hours.
  • If the guards have any time off, holiday time, sick time, or overtime in a pay period, you will be required to manually adjust them in QuickBooks Online after exporting payroll from Guardso.

To use this feature, its only requirement is to have QuickBooks Online Plus Account with payroll. If you don’t have it yet then what are you waiting for?

2. Gusto Payroll

Gusto is all about making payroll’s as easy as possible on an online platform. Right, isn’t it? Well, now Guardso payroll integration supports it turning 30 minutes scary job into a 30 seconds delight with easier access to data.

Even better, if you don’t have an account with them yet sign-up today to get our special relationship discount worth 3 months free payroll services to save a lot of money.

From Guardso you’ll be able to export payroll effortlessly in a file format ready to be uploaded on Gusto payroll to increase accuracy & reduce errors. The file of the security guards to do just that will include all their time hours, overtime hours, holidays, and even PTO.

3. ADP Workforce

ADP Workforce is one of the most sought after payroll developers. Which is why ADP payroll is known to process payroll faster and easier – locally & globally. It’s one of the reasons why today we are proud to have them as an integration for Guardso payroll.

To begin using it today, ensure having an ADP Workforce Now Account if you don’t yet. And begin exporting payroll in a file format to ADP payroll from Guardso that will include security guards:

  • Regular time hours
  • Overtime hours
  • Holidays and PTO

A little piece of advice to those signing up for ADP payroll: Don’t forget to keep a record of the company code, batch number, and file number for each employee for enhanced user experience.

So, are you ready and excited to make the most of Guardso payroll integration?