Missed mobile security patrols can hurt your reputation. You know that well, don’t you? In fact, it can take away your most faithful clients just like that. So, how do deal with such a grave problem you might not even have control over?

It is a tough question to answer, know that, but definitely not something that can not be resolved. Guardso guard tour system is the one stop solution, but how? That’s what you are going to explore now. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Open Shifts And Shift Confirmation

Open shift & shift confirmation feature of Guardso is the simplest ways of all to ensure guards don’t miss scheduled mobile security patrols. How? Allowing managers to create patrol shifts that are open to all guards. The guards can view them on their guard tour mobile app and choose as well as confirm the shift they want to work. Once that’s done, the manager instantly gets notified of the confirmation.

And in case no guard confirms an open shift, the manager can go ahead & assign it a specific guard ensuring the shift is executed. Therefore, not only does this feature provide an equal opportunity to guards but also encourage them to become accountable without letting the pressure get to them.

2. Real-time schedule/shift changes

No matter how good of a planner you are, you will need a security guard tour scheduling software like Guardso to eliminate the chances of losing paper schedules. You’ll need it to instantly change scheduled shifts and to inform the same to the guards using in-app real-time notifications.

They are sent to the guards on their Guardso guard tour mobile app allowing them to check even when they are on the move, so they don’t miss their mobile security patrols. Guardso with its easy to publish/unpublish shifts feature seamlessly allows it even when scheduling is on autopilot or have been done weeks in advance. What more can you ask for?

3. Ability to clock-in only on the site

Need yet another amazing way to ensure your guards don’t miss mobile security patrols ever? Use Guardso guard monitoring system to make sure the guards clock in only from the post site at the scheduled time than from anywhere else. This will allow you to find out the exact time and the location of the guards in real-time. Any delay or missed mobile security patrols will immediately be notified for you to take appropriate actions.

4. Real-time notifications on shift delay

Real-time notifications can turn into a real-time lifesaver for the management, no kidding. Guardso’s security guard tour scheduling software allows the managers to receive them the moment mobile security patrols are missed by the guards. In case of an unavoidable absence, the software allows the manager to easily find replacements and assign the shifts to other guards so the work never stops.

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5. Pinpoint A Guard Checked-In On Map

Pinpointing a guard on a map who’s checked-in on a post site doesn’t mean he can’t miss essential checkpoints. It’s the reason why Guardso guard monitoring system allows location mapping using GPS tracking as well as geofencing to enhance field visibility. Additionally, it helps addressing accountability to discourage missing patrol sites. Any violations or inactivity is flagged & brought to the notice of the management immediately.

6. Ability To Scan Every Checkpoint

Missed mobile security patrols can still be fixed with the help of a security guard tour scheduling. But, how do you propose to fix guards missing essential checkpoints? We suggest conducting Guardso in-app create-able QR or NFC tag guided site tours. Guardso’s guard tour mobile app is all a guard needs to scan them to check in/out and to complete the tasks. Thus, eventually improving the overall on-site performance and audit capabilities.

How do you plan to ensure your guards never miss mobile security patrols ever? Comment below to let us know.