Small security guard companies tend to be more vulnerable to employee theft. The simple reason behind this is the fact that they don’t have the procedures or a security guard management system in place required to prevent it. The owners often don’t believe their employees would dare steal from them. However, that might not be the case.

Employee theft need not always be in a physical form but in terms of time. And that’s the kind of theft that usually costs an owner more than anything else. So, how do you know if time theft is happening to you or not? How can a security guard management system help? Well, let’s answer these questions one by one.

How To Identify Time Theft?

Are you experiencing an increase in labor costs and a decrease in productivity levels significantly? In case yes, time theft could be one of the reasons you should start considering and here’s how to spot it:

  • Taking Long Breaks

    Occasionally taking longer breaks or not clocking out may be okay. If done regularly, it may become a problem as it is considered as one of the most common ways for employees to waste their time.

  • Excessive Personal Time

    Employees do tend to steal company time by doing personal tasks at work. This situation turns into a case of time theft when they start doing it excessively. For instance, spending a lot of time on phone calls to deal with personal situations.

  • Time Rounding

    When there is no security guard management system to capture the exact clock-in/out time of the security guards, time rounding becomes another prominent version of time theft. The actual time of starting & finishing work can be easily lied about.

  • Unauthorized Hours

    Overtime is a costly deal that every security guard company would like to reduce as much as possible. Therefore, security guards logging in extra, which has not been pre-approved, can be considered as another form of time theft.

  • Work Independently

    Take note of the security guards who all of a sudden decide that they want to work by themselves, begin volunteering to work alone in an isolated area, or completely avoid working in teams. These are signs of a potential red flag.

  • Long Or Excessive Absence

    Apart from genuine reasons, if a security guard who has been regular to work starts taking long or excessive leave, it should raise a concern.

  • Buddy Punching

    Buddy punching occurs when security guards clock in for each other on-site, especially when one is running late or is absent from the workplace entirely. In this case, even the security guards with the best intentions can sneak a few minutes here & there.

How Security Guard Management System Reduce Time Theft?

What are the best ways to keep your security guards from wasting their time as well as your security guard company’s precious time? Is a security guard management system the answer to prevent time theft? Given below are the answers to all these mind-boggling questions.

  1. Capture & Manage Work Hours Accurately

    A security guard management system comes integrated with a mobile patrol app for guards. It allows capturing all the work hours of security guards in real-time, that with a few clicks can also show the real-time labor cost involved. Hence, this increases accuracy & mobility while decreasing the scope for time theft.

  2. Smart Scheduling Prevents Overtime

    Eliminating overtime cost is a mammoth task, that despite various efforts, may not be possible, but it can certainly be reduced. Guardso’s skill set scheduling is the perfect way to ensure that while encouraging guards to use their skills effectively. This, in turn, can boost the security guard’s morale to work diligently on-site.

  3. Open Shift Allows Choosing The Shift

    One of the best features of the Guardso security guard management system is the open shift. It allows the security guards to pick and choose the shifts they want to work so they can balance their work & personal life in a better way. It, in fact, also provides security guards the access to schedule & shift information in advance to stay focused when on the job.

  4. GPS Tracks Real-Time Movements On-Site

    GPS tracking has changed the way security guards were once tracked or supervised on-site. Today all they need to do is carry a smartphone with Guardso’s mobile patrol app installed on it. It will help ensure your security guards are always on the move and not committing time theft. There is no better way than this or geofencing which is the next point on this list.

  5. Geofencing-Based Check-In And Out

    Mobile patrol app-based check-in/out is great, but certainly not better than geofence timekeeping. Whenever a security guard enters or exits the geofenced area, he is automatically checked-in/out of the site to prevent time theft. This also helps to significantly minimize the possibility of human error.

  6. Get Notified When The Guard Is idle

    Apart from GPS tracking and geofencing, Guardso security guard management system comes equipped with a unique feature called guard idle log. This log provides detailed insight into the inactivity time of different security guards for different post-sites. Live notifications can further keep you updated on the security guards who are not active on post sites.

  7. Define Custom Breaks For Guards

    Breaks are often considered among the topmost reasons for time theft in almost every company, irrespective of the industry. To this problem, the Guardso security guard management system offers a very simple solution, and that is to create custom breaks and define different times as desired for your security guards on-site. This will encourage them to return to work on time.

To ensure that your security guards are performing work on the clock, you can also randomize monitoring. You can also view various histories to get a clear picture of their work hours using Guardso security guard management system. It is available on both iOS & Android devices, which will allow you to stay on top of the security guard’s work hours, to also create payroll effortlessly, and much more.