A daily activity report is one of the primary reports that not only play a critical role in updating the client about the services delivered on site but also act as a tangible evidence if required.

Technology has changed the way incidents are reported, with Guardso guard tour solutions leading the way. Equipped with web and mobile patrol app, it is simplifying reporting.

Security guards need to pay attention to details and include the following things to ensure they are delivering quality daily activity reports that meet the industry standards.

Start & End Time Of The Shift

The first and the most important part of creating the perfect daily activity report begins the moment you check-in on the client property. It is important that DARs reflect the actual time of starting the shift than when it was supposed to. Don’t round off the figures as it can create a wrong impression on the clients and make things worse if this doc makes it to the court.

To eliminate the scenarios where a daily activity report can be manipulated, Guardso guard tour solution comes to rescue. Its mobile patrol app allows guards to check-in/out of site and the security manager is notified instantly.

QR tags and geofencing feature of Guardso prevent the guards from checking-in unless they are physically present on-site, leaving no scope for manipulation.

Descriptive Activity Details

Believe it or not, finding the right balance between providing relevant and detailed information of tasks completed on-site is a real struggle for every guard. But, truth be told, they must include who, what, when, where, & why of every activity performed.
It lets the managers & clients, who aren’t present on-site, to supervise the on-site activities and make sure the guards were actually active throughout their shift.

Despite being detailed, clients should be able to easily go through the reports in a glance and quickly find important information. In case, clients have specific requirements that will require special reports, Guardso guard tour solution allows the managers to customize them by defining the specific criteria.

Jargon-Free Language

A daily activity report should be written by the guards keeping the reader in mind. After all, these reports aren’t just meant to be read only by their managers. There are some codes and abbreviations suitable for communication between the security team members, but not when a client is going to read through the same report.

Since they aren’t aware of the jargons used in the industry, it can easily confuse them. Which is why it’s highly recommended that guards refrain themselves from using such language. It’s important they keep it simple and factual. Opinions and speculations should not become part of daily activity reports but details of sensitive areas of the property should be included, without showing off their vocabulary.

Photo, Video, & Audio Files

A few years ago, when paper reports were the only way to know what happened on-site, there was no way to prove the facts jotted down on the reports. But, today technology has bestowed upon us the opportunity of adding a photo, video, or even audio file to add more value to the reports. They help clients to get a better insight into the situation to provide instructions for taking appropriate actions.

All a guard needs is a smartphone and install Guardso mobile patrol app to get started. To add credibility it timestamps every photo, video, and audio file shared.

Unusual Occurrence On-Site

While much may not be happening on the site daily, but whenever any unusual activity is spotted on site, it must be reported. Do include the details of the activity in your DAR. You can also include a photo, audio, or video files using the watch mode log on the Guardso mobile app, to make the report comprehensive.

This not only reaffirms the client of the quality of services rendered on the site but also frees the guard and the private patrol company of the liability of not reporting the incident, in case police or other law enforcement agencies are involved.

Guardso Is Making It All Possible

Guardso is the ultimate one-stop solution for every guard and private patrol company. One part of it that strikes our clients the most is it’s functional yet easy to use guard tour reporting software. From daily activity reports to complete site tour reports, it helps them deliver the best to their clients.

How? Request a live demo of Guardso and we’ll show how we’re is making it possible to generate not just a daily activity report but also a variety of others while saving both your time & money.