Guardso has rapidly become the leading guard tour software in the industry. The sole reason behind it is the fact that with its numerous practical features, it has brought efficiency to security guard companies in many ways. The one feature most appreciated by every security guard company was & still is the online reporting software.

It allows the guards to easily share reports with their supervisors, and eventually with the clients to view online. All they need is a security guard app to share reports live, not just a single one but a variety of them from custom reports to general reports. Due to this increased efficiency by the guard tour software, no client of any security guard company is interested in receiving paper reports.

Here are five reasons why the clients of your security guard company probably don’t want to receive paper reports too.

Lack Of Images, Videos, & Audio

As much as paper reports are useful, they can be subjective. The quality of a written report will depend on the guard’s’ ability to convey exactly what happens and the client’s’ capacity to visualize what is in the report. This problem has been solved by Guardso’s reporting software. The security guard app allows attaching audio, video, and pictorial files in the reports. This allows the guards to give an accurate representation of what truly happened.


Like any written material, the legibility of the handwriting will vary from person to person. This creates an opportunity for miscommunication, which could happen if the report is written in illegible handwriting. The powerful Guardso reporting software uses a standard font so that the message is clearly understood by the management as well as the client.

Hard To Track

Another problem that arises from written reports is the difficulty that arises while tracking a report. In case it is lost, it would be difficult to trace the original paper, meaning that the data would be lost forever. The guard tour software, on the other hand, allows you to retrieve your reports whenever you need them. The supervisor can also tell which guard authored the report. This is essential for establishing accountability and to improve the efficiency of the guards.

Guard Tour Software

Easy To Lose

Similar to any paper document, a handwritten report is easy to lose. It can easily be mistaken for something else or misplaced altogether. Guardso guard tour software stores all the data of your security guard company, including the reports shared by guards from their security guard app securely on the cloud, and makes them readily available to you and your clients.

Hard To Edit

In case the supervisor needs to edit the report before submitting it to the client, he can only do this if the report is in soft copy. Editing a written document would either mean making it untidy or rewriting the document, and that can be way too time-consuming and also inconvenient. However, it can be eliminated by ensuring your guards know how to write well-defined security guard incident reports every-time.

There are many more benefits of using Guardso guard tour software for a security guard company. However, enabling online reporting in a comprehensive yet simplistic way makes it the most efficient way to communicate with your guards and clients.