Managing top-performing private security officers don’t need much effort but that doesn’t mean as a manager you don’t need to do anything. Despite their ability to achieve and excel at everything they do, they still need support to continue thriving at work. Companies don’t often recognize this, and therefore do not put the effort into retaining their top talent until it’s too late.

Eventually, it turns into a very or extremely challenging task for the managers. Which is why here we are today to share with you the not so secret weapons to retain top-performing private security officers. These strategies despite being at their disposal all the time, companies don’t properly use them, we hope you will.

Offer More Flexibility

No matter how dedicated your top-performing private security officers are, they’d still want to maintain a great work-life balance. Guardso guard tour solution is the perfect way to ensure that by creating open shifts to let them pick & choose the shifts they want to work. The private security officers can easily get notified of their schedules ahead of time and even swap shifts with other guards effortlessly. They can apply for leaves right from the mobile patrol app and get notified when they are approved.

Giving private security officers such an opportunity can not only be a great beginning to reduce attrition, but also a great way to positively impact retention without trying too hard.

Appreciate Them

Everyone likes to be appreciated, valued, and recognized for a job well done. Won’t you like that too? But a lot of employers struggle to effectively celebrate their employees. If not that, in the process to grow they forget how important it is. When that happens, and the private security officers are routinely made to feel their best work is ignored, it can reduce their morale to the point they will think about quitting.

Communicate Proactively

Lack of communication is often considered as the main catalyst for employee’s frustrations. Your private security officers are no different. It will also affect the performance of your top performers. So, make it your priority and work on improving the way you communicate with them. Have more one-on-one conversations with them to eliminate problems before they become an issue.

Take into consideration the top communication tips to increase the productivity of your security guards. For instance, provide genuine feedback more often.

Increase Employee Engagement

There’s nothing like boredom that deteriorates the performance of top-performing private security guards. Keeping them engaged can drive business performance and improve your bottom line significantly. Do that by assigning them new responsibilities, let them play a more integral role, keep them in the loop on important decisions, and allow them to share their ideas, thoughts, & concerns. It will help them stay entirely focused on the success of the organization. This will also result in increased customer satisfaction, high levels of productivity, and higher employee retention.

Invest In Their Future

Top-performing private security officers are more likely to leave if they find that their career is not progressing as expected or is completely stagnant. What you can do is begin with showing them the big picture and how they fit in. Once they understand it, help them grow in their career by providing personalized training. It will make them feel empowered with a certain degree of control over their career paths.

Majority of companies miss this element. They forget how it will create a pool of potential new leaders within the company, and also improve their security services significantly.

Challenge & Reward Them

Ensure the work that not only the top-performing private security officers but also everyone else is doing is challenging and stretching their abilities in the best possible ways. If not, make sure to set targets that challenge and encourage them to learn and take additional responsibilities. When those targets are achieved, also ensure they are rewarded appropriately. On spot rewards & recognitions goes a long way to make them feel more inspired, motivated, and engaged. And that will help to retain them for a long period of time.

Empower Them By Trusting

Be it your private security officers or any other employee, they are all unique. They all have their unique strengths & weaknesses that can be beneficial in numerous ways. All you need to do is, trust them to use them in the best possible way every single day. Before you do this, recognize their individual needs. Develop an understanding as to how much support or encouragement they need to be empowered. Remember not to create an environment that kills your best employees but give them wings to fly.

Custom Reports

Understand What Motivates Them

The process of retention begins with the hiring process. Which is why it isn’t just about finding the right private security guard with the right set of skills & experience to add value to your security services company. It’s also about getting to know them as they get to know your company to retain them. Often a lot of companies fail to recognize it. Don’t become one of them. Understand your private security officers and what motivates them. Provide a great on-boarding experience. Set a strong foundation for retention because everyone remembers their first few weeks on the job, forever.

Set Clear Expectations

Provide your private security officers with clear expectations the first time around. Make sure you are as specific as possible, especially when they are already on the client site ready to patrol. Guardso guard tour solution can help update last-minute changes in the post-orders and share with the private security officers in real-time to ensure everyone’s satisfied and the result is as desired.

When private security officers are clear what your expectations are, it eliminates confusion, frustration, stress, and especially unsatisfactory results. It also helps understand if there are any skill-related issues, rather than communication problems, which makes it easier to address.

Equip Them With The Right Tech

If you are not a tech-savvy security services company being in the 21st century, you are already in trouble. For you, as well as, the private security officers to deliver the security services your clients are expecting will require technology. If your private security officers are not equipped with the right technology, it will make their job complicated and put you in a tough position.

Ensuring and investing in the right technology like Guardso guard tour solution will boost their morale, and make their job a lot easier. For instance, reporting in real-time, messaging fellow officers, GPS tracking, panic button for their safety, ability to access schedules, post-orders, conduct guided site-tours, and so much more right from a mobile patrol app can make a big difference.

What measures are you going to take to retain your top-performing private security officer? Comment below to let us know.